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Oktoberfest wave continues to swell – Lauterbach attacks “protagonists with beer mugs in their hands”.

Created: 04.10.2022, 05:00

The number of corona cases in Munich, but also throughout Bavaria, increased rapidly on Friday. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach sharply attacks the CSU state government.

Munich/Berlin – The Oktoberfest wave continues to pick up speed before the last Wiesn weekend. The seven-day incidence in Munich and Bavaria also recorded a significant increase on Friday morning. For the entire Free State, the seven-day incidence was 655 on Friday. That means a 44 percent increase in coronavirus infections compared to last Friday. An even clearer picture emerges in Munich. Here the incidence has risen by 65 percent to 793 within a week.

Corona Oktoberfest wave in Bavaria and Munich: Lauterbach assumes that the number of cases will triple

The numbers get another dimension if you follow the estimate of the Federal Minister of Health. Karl Lauterbach assumes there are about three times as many cases as in the official RKI statistics. He said that on Friday morning at the RKI press conference. For the entire Free State, the incidence would be just under 2000, in the state capital around 2400. This would slowly bring us in Bavaria closer to the previous highest incidence in March 2022. At that time it was 2350 for the entire Free State.

Corona in Bavaria: Clinics are already recording an increase in the hospitalization rate

It remains to be seen how the rapidly increasing number of cases will affect the hospitalization rate. However, the clinics in Munich are already recording an increase in inpatient corona cases. “The increasing incidence is reflected in the hospital admissions with a delay of about two weeks, so if the incidence continues to rise, the number of treatments in the hospitals can also be expected to increase,” says a press spokesman for the Munich Clinic this week.

In view of the current situation in the Free State, Lauterbach cannot resist an attack on the CSU-led state government at the RKI press conference on Friday morning. As is well known, the Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) had called several times in the summer for the Federal Infection Protection Act to be tightened. Ever since the start of the Wiesn, at the latest, one has been hearing rather quiet tones from Bavaria. The virus is now different, you hear again and again. “Protect yes, shut off no. And personal responsibility counts more now,” Prime Minister Markus Söder told our editorial team in mid-September, in the same breath complaining about the “ineffective” Infection Protection Act.

“I keep getting public suggestions from Bavaria, while I see the same protagonists with the beer mug in their hands.”

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD)

“From Bavaria, for example,” the Health Minister now blasphemes, “I keep getting public suggestions (for improving the Infection Protection Act, editor’s note) while I see the same protagonists with the beer mug in their hands.” And that Minister follows up with a view of the Wiesn. Most countries would act correctly in the fall – with one exception: “I believe that what we have now seen in Bavaria, which I think is really wrong and the irresponsible measure, remains the exception.”

Wohl auch durch das Oktoberfest steigt die Corona-Inzidenz in München und Bayern massiv. Lauterbach greift Bayern auch deshalb scharf an.
The corona incidence in Munich and Bavaria is also increasing massively due to the Oktoberfest. Lauterbach is also attacking Bayern sharply. © Emmanuele Contini/Wolfgang Maria Weber/Imago

His Bavarian colleague Klaus Holetschek remains relaxed about such tips. He sees no reason for stricter corona measures, he told BR. It was “expectable” that the incidences would increase during the Wiesn.

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