NewsOld warriors, hard bets

Old warriors, hard bets

Created: 10/28/2022, 5:10 p.m

Heino singt im Mai 2019 zum Sendungsjubiläum „25 Jahre Brisant“ im Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk – und betont: „Ich singe weiter, bis ich umfalle oder mich keiner mehr hören will.“ Alexander Prautzsch/dpa
Heino sings in May 2019 for the broadcast anniversary “25 years of explosive” on Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk – and emphasizes: “I keep singing until I fall down or nobody wants to hear me anymore.” Alexander Prautzsch/dpa © Alexander Prautzsch/dpa

And a few powerful arguments against bad music at the wine festival

Anyone who devotes their life entirely to the boards that mean the world sometimes finds it difficult to say goodbye to the stage. How did pop singer Heino say it so impressively in May 2019? “I’ll just say now: I’ll keep singing until I fall or nobody wants to hear me anymore.” The fact that neither of the two scenarios happened seems to inspire the 83-year-old “Caramba-Caracho, a Whiskey” bard so much that he not only want to sing on and on, but also want to open up new target groups for themselves.

Heino recently revealed to the Styrian “Sonntagsblatt” that he also wanted to attract a younger audience to the churches with his “Church Tour 2022”. A wise plan, however: Among those who found out about it, some remarked that it would be difficult for Heino to attract older audiences – unless he did a few more concerts in Japan after the tour through Austria and Germany Piggyback…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young – and apart from the fact that you can argue about taste: It’s such a thing with the audience, as was shown on Tuesday in Landshut. Because a 27-year-old didn’t like the fact that the party hit about the madam “Layla” was being played at the wine festival at a university – we’re saying this without the well-known attributions – she turned to the organizer of the festival. Unfortunately, the police did not report what he replied to her criticism of the song. She only reported that the “heavily drunk” woman hit the organizer “in the face with her fist” and was now being charged with assault.

A 17-year-old who rattled around on his scooter on Monday night got off a little lighter. When a police patrol wanted to stop him to check him, he spurred his scooter. When the police were able to stop him shortly thereafter, the officers discovered that the young man was not wearing trousers or underpants . “When asked why, he said he lost a bet,” the message tactfully reads. And as if that wasn’t embarrassing enough: The 17-year-old was “briefed on public harassment and informed of his misconduct” and then released from control – “now fully clothed”. And best of all, he and his gang are probably still laughing about it to this day! boris halva

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