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Oliver Pocher drags his ex through the dirt after the Oktoberfest meeting: "Maybe she had a stroke"

Created: 10/01/2022 04:57 am

Oliver Pocher drags his ex-girlfriend Monica Ivancan through the dirt after a chance meeting at the Oktoberfest in Munich and blasphemes in his podcast together with his wife Amira Pocher.

Munich – Smile at the push of a button, look directly at the camera and pose – these are some of the skills of influencer Oliver Pocher (44), which the moderator has trained over the years in the limelight. Detraining, on the other hand, is visibly more difficult for the father of five. Again and again Pocher falls into his ugly blasphemy pattern and defames women below the waistline.

“Bumsbirne”: Viewers demand the ejection of “Bullying King” Oliver Pocher on RTL

An example that has occupied millions of people on Facebook for weeks: the Pochers’ dangerous war against single mother Anne Wunsch. Thousands of RTL viewers have long been demanding the ejection of the “comedian”, who came into show business through a casting with Bärbel Schäfer.

Bei Facebook häufen sich die Forderungen der RTL-Zuschauer nach dem Rauswurf von Oliver Pocher. Häufiger Vorwurf: Mobbing.
On Facebook, the demands of RTL viewers for Oliver Pocher to be thrown out are increasing. Common accusation: bullying. ©Facebook

Now Oliver Pocher has secretly, quietly and quietly looked for a new victim. Without the chance to comment, Oliver Pocher pulls his ex-girlfriend Monica Ivancan (45) through the dirt in the latest edition of his podcast “Die Pochers” (available from Podimo for a fee), which he records together with his wife Amira Pocher (29). .

Oliver Pocher meets three ex-wives at the Oktoberfest in Munich

As a reminder: Oliver Pocher was in a relationship with Bachelorette Monica Ivancan for four years. In 2009, the blonde separated from the comedian. Does he still mourn this loss today? Since the start of the Oktoberfest in Munich on September 17, Oliver Pocher and his wife have been seen at the Oktoberfest in the Käfer tent.

„Dieses Ex-Freundinnen-Aufeinandertreffen war wirklich sehr unterhaltsam“, erzählt Oliver Pocher in seinem Podcast, nachdem er mehrere Ex-Freundinnen auf dem Oktoberfest getroffen hatte.
“This meeting of ex-girlfriends was really very entertaining,” says Oliver Pocher in his podcast after meeting several ex-girlfriends at the Oktoberfest. © Imago Images

There is a big show every day of the stars and starlets, to which Pocher counts himself. In his podcast he reports that he involuntarily met three of his ex-partners there. “This meeting of ex-girlfriends was really very entertaining,” said Pocher. His ex-girlfriend Sandy Meyer-Wölden, with whom the Hanoverian was married from 2010 to 2014 and have children together, traveled from the USA to celebrate in the Käfer tent.

“Maybe she had a stroke”: Oliver Pocher drags ex through the dirt after Oktoberfest meetings

Monica Ivancan also ran into Oliver Pocher at the Oktoberfest. However, if one believes Pocher, she did not greet him. The family man simply cannot explain why she didn’t feel like making small talk. Instead of simply accepting the verbal basket, Oliver Pocher drags his ex through the dirt with a saying in the podcast: ” Maybe she had a stroke or can’t speak properly,” says the comedian. But the 1.7 meter little man kicks a second time: “Or she’s just so botoxed that her lips don’t move properly anymore.”

  • These were the women at Oliver Pocher’s side
  • Since 2019: Married to Amira Pocher
  • 2002 to 2004: Together with Annemarie Carpendale
  • 2005 to 2009: Monica Ivancan
  • 2010 to 2013: Sandy Meyer-Wölden
  • 2013-2015: Together with tennis player Sabine Lisicki

Oktoberfest in Munich: incidences are increasing rapidly

Pocher sees himself right after the meeting at the Oktoberfest. “I didn’t do anything to him anyway. If so, I’d have to think about whether to say ‘hello’ or not,” says Pocher. Monica Ivancan has not yet commented on the terrible insults.

After the start of the Oktoberfest, the incidence of corona in Munich continues to rise rapidly. However, experts don’t want to know anything about a “Wiesn wave”. The current corona numbers at a glance. Sources used:, Podcast Oliver Pocher

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