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Oliver Pocher freaks out: Amira compares herself with Wendler's wife Laura

This attack against Laura Müller definitely sat. In the podcast by Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira, the comedian gave a good deal against the Wendler wife.

Cologne – It has long been known that there is a certain rivalry between Oliver Pocher (43) and Michael Wendler (49). But again and again, especially Oliver Pocher hands out against the pop singer, reports RUHR24 *. The comedian’s latest blasphemy attack, however, is directed against Wendler’s wife Laura Müller (21).

Comedian Oliver Pocher
Born February 18, 1978 (age 43), Hanover
size 1.70 meters
children Nayla Alessandra Pocher, Elian Pocher, Emanuel Pocher, +2 others
Spouse Amira Pocher (m. 2019), Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (m. 2010–2014)

Is Laura Müller in need of money? Wendler’s wife sells her luxury bags on Instagram

The two often use the podcast “Die Pochers here!”, Which, as the name suggests, is directed by Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira Pocher (29) to talk about current topics and celebrity news. The trigger for the latest criticism from Oliver Pocher is the sale of Laura Müller’s luxury bags on Instagram *.

The sale of bags worth several thousand euros raises again questions about the family’s financial condition. And even Oliver Pocher doesn’t seem to have been particularly enthusiastic about this campaign: “Does she really want to do something good for her fans with the bags – where I wouldn’t even say whether they are all real – or are the orders, the money and everything else is tight and they say: Should we sell the whole thing again … “(all news about celebrities and TV * at RUHR24).

Amira Pocher defends Laura Müller’s bag sale in the podcast with Oliver Pocher

The 43-year-old is slowed down by his wife Amira when it comes to the rather harsh statement: “We cannot judge whether they are doing it out of financial difficulties. And even if they do it out of a lack of money, it’s not funny if someone is in need of money, ”she said soothingly. But then: “With Wendler, yes. When you show off so much and have to scrape together all the money after a few months … “

Video: Laura Müller – “So blatant”: Now she talks about her Verscherbel campaign on Instagram

Compared to 2020, however, interest in Laura Müller has decreased significantly, as the Pochers found with a short Google search: “The old woman celebrated so much last year. We already made fun of it. Have a look at Google trends in the annual charts. Where is she this year? In 4,312, because people are really interested in the old woman, because she has nothing more to say, because she doesn’t get any more collaborations either, because nothing more happens, ”the comedian countered in the podcast Laura Müller.

Oliver Pocher: Zoff with wife Amira around Laura Müller – does the influencer have no real fans?

Oliver Pocher * does not accept his wife’s objection that Laura Müller will surely have some fans: “She has no fans! Who does she have in fans? There is no company that still wants to work with you on a voluntary basis. So there are still a few, because it has a reach and attention, but they know the moment they work with it, they get complete pressure: why with this and so ”.

Amira Pocher does not seem to be of that opinion. She doesn’t think it’s right to punish a person just for being married to a questionable person. After all, you can’t help his corona theories. Something else would piss her off: “I think it’s much worse that she can’t advertise. She is so inauthentic and cannot speak a straight sentence, ”says the 29-year-old.

“Sometimes she can’t pronounce the companies correctly, and sometimes she can’t pronounce the articles correctly. She can’t do any of that. It is zero authentic and so empty – meaningless. So I think it’s weird to advertise with her. But not because of her husband. She is an independent person. “

Amira Pocher compares herself with Laura Müller: Oliver Pocher is freaking out

But where did Amira Pocher’s sudden turning point come from, who has so far liked to say a bad word about Laura Müller? She now has the feeling that she and Laura are in the same situation because they are constantly being judged how their husbands would behave. A small swipe at Oliver Pocher too. Of course, he doesn’t want to leave it that way.

Amira und Oliver Pocher


TV comedian Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira in Munich.

“Can you please not try to compare yourself with Laura Müller? It’s just a completely different case. You are not Laura Müller. Period. I am not Michael Wendler. You’re more like Helene Fischer than Laura Müller, ”says the comedian.

And further: “From the value and all the trimmings. Laura Müller is just there and breathes away. That’s it! It doesn’t matter now. She can’t moderate, she can’t speak. It looks good. Period. And she is with one of the biggest full spinners in Germany. Ready. Out.”

Ouch. It sounds as if after the comparison of Amira Pocher with Laura Müller, the house blessing for the two hangs neatly crooked. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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