EconomyFinancialOnce again BBVA: users report failures in its services

Once again BBVA: users report failures in its services

BBVA Mexico reported that it presents intermittent services.

“We are working to solve it as soon as possible and carry out the operations that our users require,” the bank reported on its social networks.

The bank has presented failures on different occasions so far this year. Even in September 2021 the services were suspended for more than 14 hours.

For this incident, the regulator has not issued any sanctions in this regard

As of June this year, BBVA Mexico has 17 million mobile customers in the country. Financial transactions carried out by customers in the first half of the year totaled 1,373 million.

Mexico has 21,334 million pesos in abandoned bank accounts

The CNBV reported that Banamex, BBVA and Banorte are the three financial institutions with the highest amount of accounts abandoned by banking users; represents 0.3% of traditional deposits.

BBVA launches new investment fund from 50 pesos

The BBVADIG investment fund will be in assets of the digital economy such as crypto companies, NFT, metaverse, among others.

It's a fortnight and the BBVA app is intermittent

Bank users cannot carry out operations through their app due to intermittence; the bank says it is solving the problem.

The cost of migrating: Number of dead migrants in Mexico increases 70.4% in 2021

Despite the fact that remittances arriving in Mexico register record figures, the number of migrants who die in their attempt to reach the "American dream" reported figures never seen before.

The CNBV fines BBVA, Bursamérica, Banorte and Vector for more than 20.6 million pesos

The regulatory authority imposes the highest sanctions on BBVA Mexico for not delivering required information throughout 2019.