FunOosouji, the Japanese technique to clean your house easily

Oosouji, the Japanese technique to clean your house easily

Beyond the computer form that the Japanese businesswoman, Marie Kondo, has instilled in us, there are more methods. This is the case of Oosouji , the Japanese technique to clean and tidy up your house in an easy way that also brings benefits for your health.

It is a kind of cleaning, both at home and spiritually, because the Japanese know a lot about this and they have a double meaning with everything they do.

All disconnected

Distractions are not worth doing this cleaning. Although many of us clean up with television or music to avoid getting bored, because for the Japanese, the important thing is to focus on what we are doing, disconnecting mobile phones, and everything else. You could only put background music if it is relaxing.

When to do it?

They recommend cleaning in the morning because the brain is clear and you can concentrate better. At the last minute our mind is loaded, stressed and we will not want to do it well.

Throw away the old or useless

This is a practice that many people do and that Marie Kondo has already been in charge of transmitting many times. Well, this technique is also based on throwing away the old , what we do not need or use. In doing so, we get rid of the past and welcome the new.

From ceiling to floor

This method of cleaning the house is not something new, apparently, the Oosouji is an ancient technique that is based on a cleaning order. First you start with the ceilings, windows and walls to go down, (shelving sofas …) and then reach the floor.

The truth is that it makes a sense to do it like this and it is how it is actually done everywhere so that the dirt goes from top to bottom.

By stays

He also professes that we clean for stays. Sometimes we want to do everything at once and it is much easier to do it that way.

Sort with garbage bags and boxes

To throw and order we need basic things that we all have at home. On the one hand, the garbage bags where we leave the dirt in each room + what we want to throw away, although the latter we must recycle in the best way.

And on the other, using boxes, to leave those things that we do not use and therefore throw away, and others that can be used for other people and then it is better to donate them.

Like Marie Kondo, this establishes not to cling to objects that really are not that important, although to detach ourselves according to what things it may cost.

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