FunOrigin of feminism: how and when did the feminist...

Origin of feminism: how and when did the feminist movement emerge

Feminism is on the rise, and many make the mistake of thinking that it is a recent historical movement or vindication when the facts show that we have been for several centuries of women demanding living conditions similar to those of men. What is the origin of feminism?

Many may wonder then how and when the feminist movement emerged, and precisely in the following lines we will try to address the beginning of those anti-patriarchal demands, and what were the great milestones of feminism so far.

Broadly speaking, we can affirm that feminism has existed for about three centuries both as a social movement and as a social and political theory , and thanks to the efforts of countless feminists, most of them anonymous, today in much of the West women can vote , study and / or work practically on a par with men, which would have been unthinkable a century ago.

That is to say that, even when being a man or a woman continues to be a determining factor for our opportunities in the 21st century , the advances of feminism in different areas are indisputable, and the clear demonstration that the struggle must be maintained if they aspire to achieve, in some future moment, the same possibilities that their male counterparts have.

Origin of feminism

On the origin of feminism, experts usually place it as a collective request since the French Revolution, although great figures in history who fought battles are not forgotten.

In that year 1789, the first literary and later political salons of a France that was opening itself to democracy, saw the contribution of women grow as never before.

Quickly, this current of thought spread to other major European capitals, especially London and Berlin, and we still remember the Complaints Notebooks, which were drawn up at that time so that they could make their voices heard and raise their demands.

The concerns of two and a half centuries ago were very different from those of today, and are an excellent example of all the conquests that have been celebrated. They focused on issues such as lack of access to education, the impossibility of asserting their marital rights or exercising a job, among other socially endorsed situations, not to mention internal couples.

Feminism was created as a multicultural movement, with progress and setbacks in the different territories, but which has ended up exploding with globalization and the greater awareness of the need to change the course of history.

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