NewsOver 26 million views - Aldi employee becomes a...

Over 26 million views – Aldi employee becomes a viral star

An Aldi employee is currently going through the roof on TikTok. Her short video clips reach millions of people and she is already dubbed “the hottest cashier of all time”:

Hamburg – An Aldi employee is currently going extremely viral on TikTok. Eliane Victoria is the name of the pretty blonde who is really clearing away on TikTok. She has been posting short lipsync videos of herself for months, reaching hundreds of thousands of users. Her clips are kept pretty simple and only last a few seconds. Eliane Victoria only moves her lips to well-known songs and puts something in the limelight. But that’s enough for your community and is completely enthusiastic about the recordings.
As reported by HEIDELBERG24 *, a video by the pretty Aldi employee even reached over 26 million views.

The pretty Aldi employee already has almost 900,000 followers on TikTok and is already dubbed the “hottest cashier of all time”. Under the comments, for example, it says: “Do not send your friend to Aldi anymore, noted” or “I can no longer send my friend to go shopping because of you.” (Jol) * HEIDELBERG24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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