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PayPal will give discounts to businesses and users for its twelfth anniversary

E-commerce in Mexico has grown in recent years, largely driven by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to data from 2022, Mexico has 128.9 million inhabitants, of which 96.87 million are internet users, which is equivalent to approximately 76.3% of its population.

Data from the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) show that online shopping is becoming more and more part of consumers’ daily lives, because they have stabilized their relationship with the digital channel, on which they depended heavily during the confinement of the pandemic.

This had a positive impact on PayPal , a company that has been in the country for 12 years .

“Until now we have added 250,000 businesses and 6 million active users, who are an important part of the growth that AMVO sees in the country, which is estimated at 27%,” said Juan Luis Bordes, general manager of PayPal Mexico.

As part of its strategy, it wants to add more businesses to its platform and, although some companies, including Tienda Nube, indicate that it is one of the most used apps by businesses, with 16% preference in 2023, the company will put some promotions available.

“We will have an activation in the option of Payments without interest that will make businesses earn money. The idea of this is also to encourage users to use this method, taking into account that many end-of-year expenses can reduce the average ticket”, Luigi Forestieri, PayPal Mexico Senior Marketing Manager, explained to Expansión.

The company will also carry out its PayPal Fest, a series of discounts for users who use its application that will allow them to have tickets with some participating banks.

“We know that there are issues such as inflation and the economic crisis that can have an impact, but we continue to expect to grow 30% this year in the ecosystem, and although it may be more difficult to have this number, the boom that exists gives good signs to the ecosystem”, Borders pointed out.

According to AMVO, on average, Mexican shoppers cite five reasons for shopping online. They mainly recognize the benefits of home delivery, avoiding transfers to physical stores and having access to exclusive inventories of the digital channel.

For this reason, it is important for the industry to pay attention to the delivery methods of each digital platform, availability of products and the content itself, since it is observed that online shopping is increasingly being incorporated into the daily lives of its consumers.

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