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Pedro Michelsen, undertake with style and design

This administrator created the Armatura brand in 2015 to stimulate the textile industry, an important engine for the economy in Colombia. Your company has a social function by supporting the Fundación Fútbol Pazífico.

Where did the idea of creating a venture called Armatura come from?

Since I was little, my grandfather taught me that a well-managed company, which works responsibly and honestly for the well-being of its customers and its employees, is the best way to build a country. For this reason, I always wanted to undertake, to continue his legacy. I started with Armatura in 2015, when I was in the third semester of Administration at the Universidad de los Andes. I identified a gap in the fashion market, in the formal casual category. The idea was to fill that gap by creating a brand with the quality of raw materials and design of international firms, but with a fair price for the majority of Colombians.

How has the undertaking process been in Colombia in the textile segment?

It has not been easy, but it has been very rewarding. The textile industry is one of the economic engines of the country. It is very nice to see how Colombian hands, often from mothers heads of families, make our products of the best quality, to compete head-on with products brought from China, Vietnam and Bangladesh, for example. 70% of a brand is its products and the best marketing that can exist is that a customer genuinely loves what they bought. For this reason, we invest a lot of time and money in ensuring that our garments are of the best quality.

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What is the priority of the brand?

At Armatura we are totally obsessed with our clients and they are our # 1 priority, above all else. This sounds like a cliche anyone in any industry would say, but there is a difference between saying it and actually executing it. With great humility I dare to say that we are managing to implement it. Our entire business model is designed thinking about creating the best price-quality-experience ratio in the market, so that our clients can dress well without having to invest a lot of time or money.

How is Armatura different from traditional clothing brands?

For example, being a 100% online company we do not have to incur many fixed costs, which allows us to offer our clients the best price-quality ratio. Without saying names, there are brands that manufacture their products in identical plants to ours, with the same materials, and sell them three times more expensive. Another difference is that we offer to all our customers a 100% refund of their money if they are not entirely satisfied with their purchase.

Why do you sell only online and not in physical stores?

We sell mainly on the internet because we believe that there is a great opportunity in this sales channel, which has been growing rapidly in recent years. In the United States, approximately 20-25% of all fashion purchases are made online. ‘ In England and China the figure is around 30%, while in Colombia only 2 or 3% of people who buy clothes do so online.

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What is the social work carried out by this undertaking with the Fundación Fútbol Pazífico?

What we do at Fundación Futbol Pazífico is very simple: we use football as a hook to link children to education and keep them away from violence. We operate like any football school, but with two fundamental differences: our children, instead of paying a monetary value for belonging to the school, pay is studying. He who does not study, does not play. In addition, the focus is on helping our children to create a life project away from violence and drug addiction, for this reason football is not the end but the means that allows us to transform hundreds of lives.

How much do Colombians know about good dress and what is the style that characterizes our society when choosing everyday clothes?

I think that the concept of good dress is something subjective and very personal that each one must define for himself. For us at Armatura, dressing well is something simple and important, as it is a way to communicate non-verbally and say something about yourself, who you are and where you are going. Colombians, in general, dress well! They really like classic and basic designs without them becoming boring, so they look for a modern and sophisticated touch with some innovative detail.

How many pieces of your brand do you have in your closet?

90% of my closet is branded, I think it would be foolish for me not to. One must apply what one preaches! I dress with Armatura every day and I genuinely love our products, this daily contact with the garments allows me to be aware of all the details, from the design and manufacture to the quality of our raw materials.