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"People who have never worked in their lives": Oliver Pocher hands out against the British royal family

Created: 09/24/2022, 11:35 am

Oliver Pocher does not think much of Queen Elizabeth II (†) and her royal relatives. In his “The Pochers!” podcast, he talks about the noble family – and raises serious allegations!

Cologne/London – The death of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) not only hit the royal family hard, many Royals fans also mourned the British record monarch. For Oliver Pocher (44), however, the monarchy is an absolutely hot topic. In the current episode of his “Die Pochers!” podcast, he allows his wife Amira (29) to verbally abuse King Charles III. (73) and Co. get carried away.

Oliver Pocher settles accounts with Queen and Co. in the “Die Pochers!” podcast – “losers”

“To what extent do you need a monarchy? Who needs a king? That’s really told!” Oliver Pocher breaks out after Amira directs the conversation to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. From heir to the throne King Charles III. and the other members of the British royal family, the 44-year-old comedian thinks nothing and even stamps them as “multi-millionaires who live in castles at state expense” and “failures”.

Mitglieder der britischen Monarchie, daneben Comedian Oliver Pocher (Fotomontage)
Hard reckoning with the royals: Oliver Pocher doesn’t think much of the British royal family (photomontage) © Kirsty O’Connor / PA Wire / dpa & Moritz Frankenberg / dpa

But the entertainer is far from finished with his angry speech: The royals are “disturbed personalities”, according to the 44-year-old, who is likely to speak from the soul of many a monarchy opponent. However, the Hanoverian is particularly bothered by one point: “These are people who have never worked in their lives. These are people who only do a little charity,” he accuses the British aristocratic family.

Lazy royals? Queen and Co. have practiced or learned these jobs:

They wave at the people and grin at the cameras – but many royals have actually learned something practical: Queen Elizabeth II served as an 18-year-old princess in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Second World War and became a mechanic in London and trained as a truck driver. Her son, the incumbent King Charles III, ended up going to university, where he studied anthropology, archeology and history. In 1975 he graduated from the University of Cambridge and subsequently joined the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. The designated heir to the throne Prince William also went into the military and attended, among other things, the renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Oliver Pocher scolds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – “Biggest losers of all time”

Oliver Pocher is apparently also targeting Prince Harry (38) and his wife Meghan Markle (41) – even though the two had actually broken away from the British royal family and were sometimes critical of themselves. The comedian blasphemed about Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson, saying that this was him “biggest loser of all time”, whose partner, who is three years his senior, says “just shit”.

Pocher’s wife Amira was largely reluctant to make such eloquent statements, but the 29-year-old can also do things differently: Influencer Anne Wunsch recently criticized Oliver and Amira Pocher as a “bully dream team”. The 30-year-old is repeatedly the victim of verbal attacks by the 44-year-old and his wife. Sources used: “The Pochers!” Podcast (Podimo; Episode 26),

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