NewsPETA demands: "Sex ban for all meat-eating men"

PETA demands: "Sex ban for all meat-eating men"

Created: 09/21/2022, 3:37 p.m

Ein Mann beißt in ein Stück Fleisch
According to a study, men eat too much meat. That’s why PETA is now demanding: They should radically change their eating habits – or alternatively give up sex. © IMAGO/Martin Bertrand

Men are largely to blame for climate change – because they eat too much meat, according to a study. The animal protection organization PETA demands that this must change radically and calls for a sex ban.

Stuttgart – PETA, as the largest organization in the world, has been committed to animal welfare for many years. Hardly anything remains hidden from the animal rights activists: If a creature is mistreated or even tortured, they are the first to raise allegations or file complaints. This was the case, for example, at the Tripsdrill amusement park in Baden-Württemberg, which caused a stir because its birds of prey were not kept in a species-appropriate manner.

When it comes to animal welfare, PETA often resorts to drastic measures and has often shocked people with blatant campaigns and pictures. Now the organization has also dedicated itself to the climate, because meat consumption makes a significant contribution to its change. Men in particular eat too much meat, according to a November 2021 study. That’s why PETA is now demanding that men should radically change their eating habits – or alternatively give up sex.

PETA blames men for climate change – “Are much worse for the environment than women”

The animal protection organization PETA demands a “sex ban for all meat-eating men” and blames them for climate change. “Men are much worse for the environment than women because they eat too much meat,” argues Daniel Cox, campaign manager at PETA Germany, to the image .

In order to convince the men of the world to do without, Cox hopes for female support in the fight against “suburban fathers handling barbecue tongs and sizzle 70 cent sausages (…)”. From PETA’s point of view, their wives should “go on a sex strike now – to save the world.” With this you can at least wash your climate footprint a little bit clean if the desire for meat cannot be satisfied. Each unborn child saves 58.6 tons of CO2 equivalents per year, says Cox.

PETA idea met with criticism from politicians and citizens

PETA’s sex ban is causing a great deal of debate, both in politics and among citizens. The idea has received a lot of criticism. “For whom, if not our children, are we saving the climate. Blaming children for harmful CO2 is repugnant. Especially since they are the climate rescuers of the future,” said cultural politician Dorothee Bär. Florian Hahn, CSU MP, railed against Bild : “Instead of a ban on sex for meat eaters, there should be a ban on thinking for divisive ideologues.”

The idea of PETA is also annoyed on social media. “I am calling for PETA to be deprived of its charitable status,” wrote one Facebook user. “It’s getting worse, aren’t there any other problems?” asks another. “Splendid. Now there is a new excuse for some women: no more headaches, now it says, ‘You had a bratwurst’,” another user takes it with humor. Most citizens can only shake their heads at this proposal.

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