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Photo found on cell phone: Police can hardly believe how a criminal decorates his Christmas tree

Classic Christmas tree decorations include tinsel, balls and wooden figures. In England a drug dealer has a very different idea.

Liverpool – Christmas time is often contemplative. People enjoy the holidays with their families. Most households in Germany eat a lot and there are gifts for young and old under the brightly decorated Christmas tree.

The whole thing was probably a bit boring for an English man, he had his very own idea of a festively decorated Christmas tree. The Liverpool police published a photo of the Christmas tree of the drug dealer Marvin Porcelli on Twitter *. Instead of garlands and balls, however, he had hung bills and cocaine packages on the tree as Christmas decorations.

English drug dealer decorates Christmas tree with packets of cocaine and banknotes

“Can you imagine our surprise when we searched the cell phone of drug dealer Marvin Porcelli and found this?” Wrote Merseyside Police on Twitter to the post showing the detainee’s Christmas tree. “We caught Porcelli as part of Operation Overboard, which is very fitting, because that’s how we would describe the Christmas decorations he recorded with his cell phone (what’s wrong with a nice spruce tree with a few simple balls and tinsel?)”, it went on.

The English term “to go overboard” can be translated into German as “overdo it”. Indeed, a fitting classification of the somewhat crazy decoration of the Christmas tree by the arrested Porcelli.

English police successfully strike drug dealers – several years’ imprisonment imposed

While the Liverpool police were able to view the curious case * with plenty of humor, it is uncomfortable for the owner of the Christmas tree. Marvin Porcelli is one of nine men who were arrested by the police * in the course of “Operation Overboard”. In court, the 47-year-old was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison as an accomplice for conspiring to sell cocaine, diamorphine and cannabis. The main culprit was even given 18 years, the judge sentenced the nine defendants to a total of 89 years in prison.

Previously, drug investigators had investigated a total of eleven people for more than a year. The suspects were charged with drug trafficking. When the investigators attacked, they were able to seize cash worth almost 330,000 euros. In addition, the officers discovered drugs worth the equivalent of over 1.5 million euros, as well as firearms. Meanwhile, another Christmas tree decoration caused laughter on the Internet *. (kh) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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