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Pietro Lombardi drives public e-scooters in his villa and causes an accident

Created: 07/24/2022 Updated: 07/24/2022, 11:40 am

Pietro Lombardis Villa und seine Freunde auf E-Scootern
Pietro Lombardi’s friends ride public e-scooters through his villa © Instagram/pietrolombardi

In such a large villa, things can get pretty quiet at times. That’s why Pietro Lombardi invites his buddies to take a tour of his property on public e-scooters. It almost even leads to an accident.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi (30; all information about the singer) bought a real luxury property almost a year ago. There is so much space in the giant villa that you can even drive public e-scooters through the living room and garden. The “Phenomenal” interpreter proves this in his Instagram story.

Pietro Lombardi cruises through his villa with buddies on e-scooters

Pietro Lombardi’s friends race through the living room of his three-storey villa on green and white e-scooters. The scooters belong to the “Lime” brand and are even equipped with license plates. The terms and conditions state that they may only be used on public roads: “Our products may only be used on cycle paths, combined footpaths and cycle paths or cycle streets,” explains “Lime” on their website.

However, Pietro Lombardi and his friends do not seem to want to know anything about this. His friends drive through the living room at full throttle and take a lap around the jacuzzi in the garden of the DSDS winner. In the video, the singer marks his buddies, one of whom almost crashes.

Pietro Lombardi’s buddy almost causes an accident with an e-scooter

Anton, who is part of the e-scooter party, only just scratches the curve around the whirlpool. Luckily nobody got hurt. Nevertheless, Pietro has to admit one thing about his friends: “They are damaged,” he laughs in his Instagram story.

Such a large property requires a lot of attention and maintenance that the singer just can’t seem to muster. In his Instagram story, Pietro Lombardi now shows his lawn, which has completely dried out and burned during the current heat wave. You can therefore only see lots of brown spots on the green area. Sources used: Instagram/pietrolombardi

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