NewsPietro Lombardi flirted unrestrainedly via Instagram: "Writed to all...

Pietro Lombardi flirted unrestrainedly via Instagram: "Writed to all of Germany"

Created: 10/04/2022, 06:05 am

As a single, Pietro Lombardi was sly behind his ears: the DSDS star tried to get to know new women via Instagram. This has not escaped his beloved Laura Maria Rypa either.

Cologne – For Pietro Lombardi (30), happiness in love finally seems perfect: with his now pregnant on-off love Laura Maria Rypa (26), the DSDS star seems to have finally dared to step out of his single existence. But although the 30-year-old has been seen without a partner by his side for a long time, that does not mean that the Karlsruhe native was a child of sadness.

Pietro Lombardi led a wild single life – Laura Maria Rypa comments on his love life

Pietro Lombardi seems to have left his wild days behind: The fact that the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” winner from 2011 used to like to do things quite colorfully is now gradually coming to light. The 30-year-old speaks openly about this time in his podcast with his loved one, the influencer Laura Maria Rypa.

In the latest episode (“Means to an End”), the 26-year-old reveals that her loved one was a real womanizer: “No matter where I go, at every event, Pietro definitely had something with one,” said the mother-to-be all open. The singer doesn’t let that sit and counters: “I won’t say what I have to look at now – because you also had something with a few people!”

Is Instagram the new Tinder?

It is not uncommon for celebrities to flirt via Instagram. Demi Lovato is said to have approached “Superman” and “The Witcher” actor Henry Cavill, for example, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine recently caused a number of negative headlines with this scam. In this way, you can get in contact with each other completely innocently outside of the public – colloquially one now speaks of “sliding into the DMs” (e.g. contact via private messages). In the meantime, this has proven particularly useful for young people. On the Internet you can now find numerous tips on how to flirt via the social media platform. However, what is rarely discussed there: Instagram, Facebook and Co. are not dating portals. Corresponding messages can quickly become a nuisance!

Pietro Lombardi used Instagram to try to flirt – the DSDS star “wrote all of Germany”

Nevertheless, Pietro Lombardi, who separated from his DSDS love Sarah Engels (29) in October 2016 and was then considered a permanent single for a long time, admits that he has made it clear to women, preferably via Instagram – a chapter in his life that also affects his partner has not passed without a trace: “You wrote to all of Germany. Ask all the influencer girls who wrote to me or I them,” she teases her loved one.

But the times of his Instagram flirts are finally over – and Laura Maria Rypa is happy to have conquered the heart of the DSDS judge. He recently revealed incredible things from his relationship life: Pietro Lombardi did not care about the separation from Sarah Engels, as he himself admitted. “I felt bad for a day,” was his sober conclusion. Sources used: “Laura and Pietro ON OFF” podcast (Audio Now, episode “Means to an End”),

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