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Pipi Estrada: "Currently I have a kind connection with Terelu Campos"

Pipi Estrada has visited the interview marathon ’35 hours of words’ to review her professional career but also her life in general. There he has met Javi Nieves, former colleagues in COPE, and Javier Capitán, with whom he did the sports program La prórroga on Telemadrid. The sports journalist seems to have put aside the differences he had with his former partner, the presenter Terelu Campos, after eleven years without having had any contact. The stroke suffered by María Teresa Campos, Terelu’s mother, was the trigger for the cordiality to be present between them again. In addition to this topic, Pipi has also talked about his career as a communicator in the sports world or how much he enjoys the night. Pipi has never hidden his love for the night world and has confessed that he was already sixteen years old. DJ in Gijón, his hometown. Later he also worked as a DJ in Madrid to earn a living while studying industrial engineering, the illusion of his father. But Estrada was destined to dedicate himself to sports communication. “For me the night is the syrup of the day,” said the journalist, although he also says that it is a subject “very difficult to pass” if you do not have the necessary personality to avoid Risks that the night puts you in the way. Pipi Estrada has worked in the best radio stations in the country, but became a media star when she began dating television collaborator and presenter Terelu Campos. “I was a reporter for José María García’s team and love arose, I was married,” said Pipi. They were together for three and a half years and after breaking up, he was fired from Onda Cero.When he was unemployed, he decided to enter the world of television and the press of the heart, airing the intimacies of his former partner. «Today I would not do it, at that moment I was weak and bleeding. I regret it », he confessed. However, this story has been turned upside down since María Teresa Campos, Terelu’s mother suffered a stroke in May of this year. »I sent him a message of encouragement and hope and he answered me. I have a kind connection with Terelu, “said Pipi, who has now left the heart programs aside and is focused solely on his career as a sports journalist.