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Pizza: Not only Italians are shocked by what the amateur cook is doing here – "Call the police!"

Can you do that? Many find: No! And call for drastic measures. What a hobby cook does with her pizza causes outrage.

  • The photo of a hobby cook went viral on various channels a few months ago.
  • What she does with her pizza doesn’t just make Italians cry.
  • Is it all just a joke? Probably – but the outrage is still great.

Munich/Rome – There is something like an unwritten law on how to prepare pizza*. This should be baked in the oven, of course preferably in a wood or stone oven, a normal one will do too.

In really, really big emergencies, baked pizza can also be heated up in a pan or, in the worst case, in the microwave. Or eaten cold. A photo that went viral in 2020 shows that it also works differently – or, according to many, not.

Numerous Reddit threads are dedicated to this photo alone. A posting by the German Twitter channel Influencerreality collected more than 2,000 likes. And on May 29, 2020, it also made it into the top ten list of twitter

Pizza preparation with a difference: hobby cook causes outrage

You can see a hobby cook in a completely normal kitchen. But many who look at the stove are shocked: A piece of pizza is actually floating in a pot of water.

Here the flatbread is not baked, but boiled. A quite unusual preparation method. But it’s not completely new. Because another photo of a cooked piece of pizza went online several months ago.

Sie scheint tatsächlich ihre Pizza zu kochen


She actually appears to be cooking her pizza.

Pizza in the saucepan: Italians start crying

Can you cook pizza? No, think many purists and other pizza fans. “The Italians are crying everywhere,” writes an observer on Reddit. “As an Italian, I can attest to crying,” replies another.

“WTF, that’s like eating a burger with a fork,” “Oh damn no, someone needs to call the police,” are other horrified comments.

A user still has hope: “Maybe … is she frying? That would be the only acceptable solution!” But this hope does not last long. “It looks a lot like water,” is the prompt reply. “I know. It’s cruel…”

A user even wishes the hobby cook something VERY bad: “Well, I’m really a peaceful person …. but the pizza didn’t deserve that, and I hope your sleeve slips down every time you wash your hands!”

According to*, a pasta idea brought similar trouble many months ago. “Banish them from Italy” was just an outraged reaction.

Cooking pizza: photo just a provocative joke? Many hope: Yes!

Who the amateur cook is and whether it is really an influencer remained unclear in the various threads, and whether and how the whole photo is just a provocative joke. A deliberate break in taboo. Probably yes. Or – from the point of view of many – hopefully.

A look at the inscription on the salt shaker on the kitchen shelf shows that the photo is probably not from Germany. But even in this country, the picture causes great astonishment. A German TV presenter recently exposed his buddy with his favorite pizza. ( lin) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Headline image: © Pizza

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