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Places where you can't use your mobile

Mobile phones have become basic and ubiquitous communication tools: they are now used not only to make calls, but also to access the Internet, send messages, images, videos, and document the world.

Unfortunately, mobiles weren’t exactly designed for privacy and security. Now, we are paying more attention to this aspect. Using them on a daily basis also exposes us to new types of surveillance risks, especially tracking where we are.


Most mobile phones give the user much less control than a desktop or laptop can give us; it is more difficult to replace the operating system, it is more difficult to investigate malware attacks, it is more difficult to remove or replace unwanted software, and it is more difficult to prevent parties like the mobile operator from controlling how the device is used. In addition, the manufacturer of the device in question may declare our mobile obsolete and stop providing us with software updates, including security fixes. If this happens, we may have no one to turn to for these fixes and we may have no choice but to purchase a new phone.

Some of these problems can be solved by using third-party privacy software, but others cannot.


As if this were not enough, our phones are glued to our hands 24/7, and that entails an extra sacrifice . Have you ever wondered what unique views you have missed from being too busy looking at your phone for some notification? Fortunately – although for some, not so much – there are some places that eliminate the temptation to look at the mobile and have strictly prohibited telephones, but they are such beautiful and interesting spaces that we hope you will not miss them.


Digital dependence is real but if we are going to start taking steps to break bad habits , we must first focus on our weaknesses.


The excessive use of mobile phones takes us out of the present moment, but it is more than an annoying habit . Research has linked disproportionate use of smartphones to anxiety, depression, stress, and poor concentration. Setting technology limits is imperative to being in control of the phone, not the other way around.


What are the places where you can’t use your mobile? Here, a sample.


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