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"Please delete it": Evelyn Burdecki's mother posted her home address on Instagram

Created: 08/24/2022 07:41 am

„Meine Mutter hat Mist gebaut“: Evelyn Burdeckis Mutter hat ihre private Adresse aus Versehen bei Instagram hochgeladen, erklärt die Blondine.
“My mother screwed up”: Evelyn Burdecki’s mother accidentally uploaded her private address to Instagram, the blonde explains. © Screenshot Instagram

Around 150 people now know Evelyn Burdecki’s mother’s home address. The mother of the TV blonde accidentally uploaded a picture with the address on Instagram. “Please delete them,” the single woman from Cologne asked her followers.

Düsseldorf – At the age of 33, the Rhenish cheerful nature Evelyn Burdecki has long been part of German TV culture. The native of Düsseldorf also knows how to impress with her charm, wit and good looks alongside TV greats such as Günther Jauch, Thomas Gottschalk or Barbara Schöneberger.

Evelyn Burdecki’s mother now has an Instagram account

The fact that Evelyn Burdecki often comes across as a bit clumsy on television has long been part of the Burdecki brand. Now it is also clear where this lovable character trait comes from: from Evelyn Burdecki’s Polish mother. She recently had an Instagram account and apparently still had no security in dealing responsibly with the social media service.

“We made my mother an Instagram account,” begins Evelyn Burdecki’s Insta story. Wearing a white plunging top, the blonde appears to be sitting in a public place as she recounts her mother’s misadventure. “My mother knows 0 about Instagram. She has very few people to follow, but had her profile public,” reports the “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant.

“Please delete it”: Evelyn Burdecki’s mother posted her home address on Instagram

Then her mother accidentally uploaded a picture “where her postal address was on the table”. The picture with Evelyn Burdecki’s mother’s home address was online for about four hours. About 150 people saw the posting, according to Burdecki. “I ask you from the bottom of my heart that you keep the address to yourself.”

After the mishap, Evelny Burdecki deleted her mother’s photo and set her Instagram channel to “private”.

How to make your Instagram account private

Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap Settings in the top right. Tap Privacy. Tap next to private account to switch your account to private mode. That way no one can see what you post. Only people you’ve added as “Friends” can still see your pictures and videos.

Evelyn Burdecki is a master of publicity campaigns. A lever to stay in touch with followers and customers: photo postings and impressive outfits. Her fans have long been celebrating her look: For the RTL show “Show us your voice”, Evelyn Burdecki wore a trendy mesh dress embroidered with glittering applications. The star’s followers raved about her outfit. Sources used :

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