NewsPolar bear injures tourist on Spitsbergen and is killed

Polar bear injures tourist on Spitsbergen and is killed

Created: 08/08/2022 Updated: 8/8/2022, 8:14 p.m

Eisbär auf Spitzbergen
A polar bear stands on an ice floe near Spitsbergen. (Archive image) © -/PRESSENS BILD/dpa

A polar bear has entered a tent camp on Svalbard and injured a woman. The animal can be driven away, but is injured so badly that it has to be killed in the end.

Longyearbyen – A polar bear injured and killed a tourist from France on the Spitsbergen archipelago, which belongs to Norway.

The bear entered a tent camp in the morning and injured the woman’s arm, according to a statement on the Svalbard governor’s website on Monday. The injuries are not life-threatening. The animal was chased away with gunshots. According to the information, it was injured so badly that it had to be killed.

The woman was part of a group of 25 tourists staying in tents on the northern part of Isfjorden. She was taken in a helicopter to the hospital in Longyearbyen, the largest settlement on Svalbard. The archipelago is in the Arctic Ocean. dpa

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