NewsPolice can hardly believe their eyes during traffic control...

Police can hardly believe their eyes during traffic control – man caught after more than 70 years

“Somehow he managed never to be stopped,” police wrote on Facebook. The officials could not believe their ears during a routine check.

Nottingham – Driving without a license is not a trivial offense. It’s a criminal offense. If you are caught in Germany, you face a prison sentence of up to one year or a hefty fine. In addition, a suspension may be imposed. In England, the police have now pulled out a man who claims to have driven a car* for more than 70 years without a license or insurance.

England: Man has been driving without a license for more than 70 years

As the police announced, the man, who was born in 1938, got into a routine traffic check near Nottingham with his Mini One. “We can hardly believe what happened next,” wrote the responsible police station via Facebook*. The man could not produce valid papers. But the real hammer is yet to come: He stated that he had been behind the wheel since he was twelve (!) without ever having had a driver’s license or insurance.

“Somehow he managed to never get stopped by the police,” the Facebook post continued. Fortunately, the man was never involved in an accident, never injured anyone or caused any other damage. According to the police, the traffic control took place on Wednesday (January 26).

Man has been driving a car without papers since 1950: Facebook users are demanding an “honorary driver’s license”

Opinions about the incident were divided in the comments below the Facebook post. While some people called for severe penalties for the man, others called him a “legend.” One user even demanded: “Give the man an honorary driver’s license.”

A woman was amazed at the more than 70-year accident-free life of the now over 80-year-old. “That means he drove better without a license than most drivers who have a license,” she commented.

In their post, the police called on motorists not to get behind the wheel without a valid driver’s license. The growing number of cameras with automatic number plate recognition in the region makes it increasingly likely that you will be caught.

The old class 3 driver’s license must be exchanged: what needs to be considered when exchanging and which deadlines apply*. (ph with dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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