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Police forces in Göttingen spontaneously dance salsa and bachata – video becomes internet hit

A video is currently going viral in social networks: a police officer and a woman police officer join people dancing salsa – and delight hundreds of thousands with it.

Göttingen – A video of two police officers from Göttingen on the social media platform Tiktok cleared almost a million views. The two joined other dancing people with a spontaneous dance interlude.

It all started in the police bus. Carsten Minasch, a police officer from Hameln and his four team members were deployed in Göttingen from Saturday (14.08.2021) to Sunday. You should check compliance with the Corona * rules. As they drove through the city center, they noticed a group of people dancing salsa and bachata.

Spontaneous dance performance in Göttingen: police officers dance salsa and bachata

“Since I had told my colleagues that I used to dance a lot of salsa, I had to put my ‘skills’ to the test,” wrote Minasch later on Instagram. The group turned the car and drove back to the dancers. His colleague “immediately agreed” to be his dance partner. “She has never danced bachata before,” the policeman revealed to other Instagram users.

His colleagues do not believe Minasch. He danced for a long time, the police officer told RTL Nord: “I danced intensively for five years and was also active as a volunteer dance teacher.”

Göttingen: People are enthusiastic about dancing – the video goes viral

The bystanders are enthusiastic about the spontaneous dance performance of the police forces. Many pull out their phones and film what is happening. One of the videos has almost a million views on the TikTok social media platform. Compared to RTL Nord, Minasch says that he doesn’t have a TikTok himself and that he always has to look over his colleagues.

Check out this post on Instagram

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The police officer from Hamelin did not expect such a response. But he is happy that people like to watch him and his partner. Speaking of joy – this paired with fun should not be missing at work, he wrote on Instagram.

Police in Göttingen start dancing: the policeman admits small mistakes

Minasch also confesses to RTL Nord that he doesn’t want to see the video that often anymore. The reason? He made a small mistake: “I fell into Discofox in between.” The comments under his Instagram post show the enthusiasm of the people: “Nice to see. You can see again that police officers are ‘just’ people. I think that’s cool. It could be more often, ”writes one user.

Another user comments: “Saw a video on Tiktok. Mega action. “From other users there are emojis with clapping hands and a whole lot of hearts. (jey)

Minasch is not the only police officer active on Instagram. Sven Seidel (also a police officer in Hameln) * presents everyday work together with the service dog Cash.

In a similar incident, a police officer joined young people dancing at Stuttgart Central Station. His dance performance also sparked enthusiasm. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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