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Pop star Maite Kelly received a text message from Kerstin Ott at 4 a.m

Created: 10/11/2022, 2:05 p.m

Maite Kelly is a veteran of the hit industry. The 42-year-old is friends with the biggest hit stars. She seems to have a close bond with Andrea Berg and Kerstin Ott in particular.

Cologne – Maite Kelly (42) grew up with the hit industry. She is the second youngest child in the Kelly Family and has been on stage since she was young. It goes without saying that she also knows the most successful hit stars of all time very well privately. In the podcast “But please with Schlager” she talks about her “Schlager family”.

Insight into the hit industry: Kerstin Ott asks Maite Kelly at 4 a.m. what she thinks about the song

“I think that’s what many outsiders can’t understand: the Schlager family is an authentic, intimate family. Like in America, we are the country scene. Everyone helps and you’re really there for each other,” Maite Kelly explains to the podcast hosts. The mother of three has also found friends off the stage among the other musicians.

Fotocollage: Kerstin Ott schreibt Maite Kelly auch nachts um vier für einen Ratschlag.
Kerstin Ott also writes Maite Kelly at four in the night for advice. © IMAGO/Jan Huebner and IMAGO/Future Image/F.Kern

Kerstin Ott and Andrea Berg in particular seem to have grown fond of Maite Kelly, the women get advice from each other. “It’s also nice to get a text message from Kerstin Ott at 4 a.m.: ‘Maite, I have a new song! What do you think?’ And then I wake up and listen to it and say: ‘Well, Kerstin, that’s awesome.'” The Kelly singer reveals.

Maite Kelly and Andrea Berg are best friends

Through the friendship with Andrea Berg, the two also came up with the idea of a duet. Andrea Berg came to her recently and told her about a “crazy idea” for her next gig. “I was visiting her and she really wanted to exchange ideas with a good friend. And she knows I would never steal an idea from her. She knows that. That’s just a given with us, which isn’t always the case,” Kelly enthuses about their deep bond. In this business, unfortunately, it is absolutely not uncommon for ideas to be stolen from one another.

Maite Kelly lost her sister in 2021

In April 2021, Maite Kelly suffered a heavy loss. Her sister Barby died unexpectedly from a pulmonary embolism. “I will never forget my dear sister,” said Maite Kelly, who then withdrew from the public for a while.

Maite Kelly recently said about Andrea Berg: “We are like sisters”. Sources used: Spotify/Podcast “But please with Schlager – The podcast from Schlagerplanetradio”

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