NewsPop stars say goodbye to the Queen: "The world...

Pop stars say goodbye to the Queen: "The world will not be the same without you"

Created: 09/11/2022 11:47 am

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th, 2022 at the age of 96 – and the whole world is mourning. Many German hit stars are now saying goodbye. For example, Ross Antony, Patrick Lindner or “Bergdoktor” star Ronja Forcher express their sympathy online.

London – Queen Elizabeth II is dead. The British monarch died on September 8th, 2022 at the age of 96 in Balmoral. Buckingham Palace said she died peacefully surrounded by her family. Now the first hit stars speak up and say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II is dead – hit stars say goodbye

Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, still incomprehensible to many. Some hit stars are now saying goodbye to the British monarch. Ross Antony – born in Britain – is shocked by the news on Instagram. Under a portrait of the Queen, the hit star writes: “Words cannot describe how I feel right now. Your Majesty, thank you very much. The world won’t be the same without you. Spread your wings and be with your beloved husband” . Marie Reim and Vincent Gross also show their sympathy and give the photo a like.

Patrick Lindner also mourns publicly and writes: “A woman with the greatest grandeur, stylish, always strong on the outside, a personality that is hardly comparable today, she has fascinated me again and again for my entire life, now an era is coming to an end. A figure of the century. Always disciplined. RIP Queen Elizabeth II”.

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Lucas Cordalis, Ronja Forcher and Jana Ina: The celebrity world mourns Queen Elizabeth II.

Lucas Cordalis writes: “We will miss the Queen”. “Bergdoktor” star Ronja Forcher posts the official statement from the royal family and comments: “Rest in peace”. Jana Ina is also in mourning. Giovanni Zarrella’s wife writes: “One of the strongest and most admirable women in the world”. The Queen was a role model for many. “A woman who inspired us women and showed us that we can do anything”.

After the critical health of Queen Elizabeth II became known, almost the entire Royal Family made their way to the Queen at Balmoral Castle. Grandson Harry also came. But Prince Harry was too late to say goodbye to his grandmother. Sources used: Instagram/rossantonycom, Instagram/patrick_lindner, Instagram/lucascordalis, Instagram/ronjaforcher, Instagram/janainazarrella

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