NewsPregnancy: Pietro Lombardi betrayed by his best friend for...

Pregnancy: Pietro Lombardi betrayed by his best friend for money

Created: 10/30/2022, 10:01 am

Pietro Lombardi and his girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa are currently very happy as a family. Because the two are expecting children. But the happy news was revealed by a close confidant of the couple.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi (30) and his girlfriend Laura Maria Rypa (26) are beaming with happiness. Because the two are expecting their first offspring together. In a few months, Alessio’s (7) sibling will be born and will enrich his parents’ lives infinitely. For the young couple, who can look back on a tumultuous on-off relationship, an incredible milestone to share with the whole world.

Betrayed by the familiar: Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa actually wanted to keep the relationship and baby secret

Their fans regularly give Pietro and Laura cute couple photos and pregnancy updates on social media – and each time they trigger a small wave of enthusiasm. The joy of having a new family and renewed happiness in love initially had a bitter aftertaste. Because they actually wanted to announce the good news much later, but a close confidant came first and made the wonderful secret public.

In their podcast “Laura and Pietro – On Off” they look back at the beginning of their second relationship – in which, apart from their closest friends, nobody knew anything about their love or Laura’s pregnancy. When they are on a secret couple’s vacation, the bomb bursts: the two have been betrayed and a newspaper announces that the secret of their love will be made public. “I’ve always had a solution for everything in life, but that was the first time I was in despair, too,” remembers Sarah Engels’ ex-husband of the fateful day.

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Family happiness sold by a friend for money: Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria Rypa pissed off

There’s no turning back for the newspaper, a sensational story about the two has to come out, so Pietro comes up with a clever plan so that he can at least keep the baby news to himself. “I knew that if I made the relationship public now, the focus would first be on us being together again,” explains the Schlager star. Fortunately, only one headline set the internet on fire that day – nobody knows that Laura is pregnant. “In the end, we were put under pressure,” the influencer looks back sadly.

Both of them are now openly sharing their beautiful family journey – even if it’s still bothering them that they were betrayed for money by a close confidante. “At the end of the day, we both know who passed on the information,” explains Pietro, “And that one shouldn’t trust those closest to you.” It’s sad that they had to come to such a conclusion, but alas, life as Celebrity now times some ugly truths with itself. It also looked ugly for the singer after his DSDS victory financially, because Pietro Lombardi spent one million euros in nine months. Sources used: Podcast “Laura and Pietro – ON OFF” by AudioNow,,

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