NewsPrince Andrew is brought to trial: abuse suit admitted

Prince Andrew is brought to trial: abuse suit admitted

Prince Andrew’s lawyers wanted to dismiss the abuse suit at all costs, but they failed. The Duke of York must go to court.

New York City – A momentous turn in the abuse scandal involving Prince Andrew (61) shakes Buckingham Palace. The son of Queen Elizabeth II (95) has to cope with a severe setback in court that his lawyers were unable to avert. After a US judge admitted the lawsuit against him, Andrew is now threatened with trial.

The American Virginia Giuffre (38), an alleged victim of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (66, † 2019), filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in a New York court in August 2021. Giuffre accuses the British Royal of having sexually abused her several times as a 17-year-old in 2001 and is demanding compensation in an undisclosed amount. Prince Andrew vehemently denies her grave allegations, but it will now be tried.
When the trial against Prince Andrew could begin, * knows.

The responsible US judge Lewis Kaplan (77) has rejected the motion to dismiss Andrew’s lawyers, paving the way for a trial against the 61-year-old. The legal team of Queen Elizabeth II’s second eldest son had referred in the application to an agreement signed by Epstein and Giuffre in 2009. In the document, which remained under lock and key, further allegations against “potential defendants” on the part of the 38-year-old are forbidden. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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