NewsPrince Charming" contestant infected with monkeypox: "Absolute hell"

Prince Charming" contestant infected with monkeypox: "Absolute hell"

Created: 09/29/2022, 07:38 am

Lars Tönsfeuerborn, winner of the first “Prince Charming” show with Nicolas Puschmann, contracted monkeypox in June. He now shares it on his podcast. He was ashamed of the illness.

Düsseldorf – Lars Tönsfeuerborn (32) won the TV dating show “Prince Charming” in 2019 and met Nicolas Puschmann. They tried each other twice, both times the relationship failed. But the 32-year-old is also successful off the beaten track, taking part in the “Jungle Show 2021” and explaining gay sex to two friends in the “Tail & Honest” podcast. Now he revealed in it that he was infected with monkeypox.

Lars Tönsfeuerborn was infected with monkeypox and didn’t dare to share it

On his Instagram account, the TV star gives a glimpse of how difficult it was for him to even talk about his illness with monkeypox, which he endured in June. “I’m not usually ashamed of anything, but in this case I was incredibly ashamed. I couldn’t even tell my closest friends,” said Tönsfeuerborn.

Lars Tönsfeuerborn war mit Affenpocken infiziert. (Fotocollage/Symbolbild)
Lars Tönsfeuerborn was infected with monkeypox. (Photo collage/icon image) © Screenshot Instagram/larstoensfeuerborn and picture alliance/dpa/Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp

He honestly and openly admits that he feared the stigmatization of a “gay plague”. He explains that “the way authorities and politicians have dealt with this virus and the attitude of society” have contributed to this. Adds the Prince Charming winner: “And to top it all off, I was stigmatized in an awkward way by my now ex-GP.”

Lars Tönsfeuerborn: Monkeypox was “absolute hell”

Lars Tönsfeuerborn got infected on a date. A bad time followed: “These three weeks were absolute hell for me. Rarely have I had such pain, fever for days and swelling that only allowed me to lie on my back. Movement was out of the question. And the itch was unbearable.”

After his experiences with monkeypox, Lars Tönsfeuerborn warns all followers: “Don’t take it lightly, don’t judge anyone and take care of yourselves. Because it can happen to anyone. It is important to educate yourself and counteract the stigmatization.”

This is monkeypox: transmission, incubation period and symptoms

Monkeypox is transmitted from person to person primarily through close contact, especially sexual contact. An incubation period is between three and a maximum of 21 days, as the RKI shares on its website.

Anyone suffering from monkeypox often has to contend with fever, headache, muscle and back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills or exhaustion. There are also painful and itchy skin changes in the form of spots or pustules.

In the 2021 jungle camp, Lars Tönsfeuerborn spoke openly about a family drama. Had he won the show back then, he would have happily donated his prize money for that reason. Sources used:, Podcast schwanz & Ehrlich,

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