NewsPrince Harry's controversial memoir is set to be released...

Prince Harry's controversial memoir is set to be released in January

Created: 10/28/2022, 7:18 am

Improved and postponed many times: Will Prince Harry’s memories finally appear in book form? In fact, a concrete date has finally been mentioned.

Montecito – Rarely has the unpublished memoir been more discussed than that of Britain’s youngest scion, Charles III. (73). After so much back and forth, the expectations of the long-announced memoirs of Prince Harry (38) are enormous. But now the controversial work, which has certainly given the royals in London several bad nights, has apparently been improved in such a way that both the publisher Random House and the author are satisfied. As the New York Times reports, the date has now been set.

Apparently, editor and writer Prince Harry have finally come to an agreement

The long-awaited memoir of the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex will be published on January 10, 2023, the renowned newspaper has now reported, citing industry executives. The release comes approximately 18 months after Penguin Random House announced the partnership in July 2021 .

Im Januar sollen die längst angekündigten Erinnerungen Prinz Harrys über seine Kindheit und die Veränderung als Ehemann von Meghan Markle endlich erscheinen (Fotomontage).
Harry_memo.jpg © Matt Dunham/dpa & Paul Edwards/dpa

The announcement of the cooperation with the duke’s full-bodied promise appeared on the publisher’s website on July 19, 2021. It states “Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex will publish his literary memoirs worldwide with Penguin Random House in late 2022.” However, the book was reportedly canceled following the death of Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) on September 8 of postponed to next year at the end of this year.

Prince Harry’s memoirs:

The comprehensive text should cover Harry’s growing up in the public eye, his military service in Afghanistan and being a father as a husband alongside Meghan Markle. “I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I have learned throughout my life and I look forward to people being able to read a firsthand account of my life that is accurate and completely truthful” , Harry had added.

Prince Harry: “I am writing this not as the prince I was born, but as the man I have become”

Although Harry intends to donate the proceeds from book and audiobook sales, after discussions with his father and brother at the funeral ceremonies in London, the Duke apparently stopped the current version and wanted to push through a “defused” version. This in turn angered the publisher, who described the text as an “intimate” and “heartfelt” look at the “experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that shaped him” and wanted to keep his promises.

The parties have now apparently reached an agreement. Although Prince Harry didn’t have to ask his grandmother, the late Queen, for permission to write his memoir, he had forewarned the royal family. Harry has spoken privately with the royal family about the book’s release, a spokesman told People last year. However, new doubts arise as to why the publisher did not want to comment when asked. Sources used:,, Twitter

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