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Prince William forges surprising plans: This is how he wants to help the homeless

For years, helping the homeless has been one of Prince William’s heart projects, and Prince William does not shy away from unusual measures.

London – Social engagement is one of the most important duties of the British royals, which Prince William (39) was practically born in the cradle. As reported by *, the future heir to the throne stands up for others and draws attention to grievances in the world such as homelessness.

Prince William forges surprising plans: This is how he wants to help the homeless

In 1993, at the age of eleven, Prince William visited the London homeless facility “The Passage” for the first time with his mother Princess Diana * (36, † 1997) and brother Harry * (37) Location. However, his ongoing commitment is not limited to distributing food or taking on patronage; according to media reports, the father of three is planning even more far-reaching steps in the fight against homelessness.

As the British Telegraph reports, Prince William * is toying with the idea of converting royal properties in the Duchy of Cornwall into dormitories for the homeless. At his request, his employees should apparently start looking for suitable properties in urban areas. “The Duke wants to find ways to reduce homelessness in every possible way,” a palace source confided in the magazine.

Prinz William blickt zur Seite und spricht mit einem Mann.


As often as possible, Prince William visits facilities for the homeless.

Prince William forges surprising plans: Cornwall as a haven

The total area of the Duchy of Cornwall, which is located in the south-west of England, extends over almost 55,000 hectares. Since Queen Elizabeth II * (95) ascended the throne in 1952, Prince Charles * (73) has held the title Duke of Cornwall, but Prince William has been helping his father more and more in the administration of the duchy. When the Queen hands over her crown to son Charles, William becomes the new Duke of Cornwall. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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