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Princess Amalia celebrates Corona birthday party – Netherlands go into a new lockdown

The Netherlands are facing another lockdown. Before that, however, it is known that the royal offspring disregards the contact restrictions.

Amsterdam – There are again problems around the Dutch royal family due to non-compliance with Corona rules. Princess Amalia celebrated her 18th birthday last week with a big party.

Princess Amalia’s birthday party took place in the garden of the royal palace in several tents. All guests were vaccinated and asked in advance to be tested for the corona virus, according to the royal family. Officially, there is talk of “21 invitations”. According to a media report, significantly more invited guests are said to have been present: The newspaper De Telegraaf speaks in a report of more than 100.

Netherlands: Princess Amalia celebrates Corona party

According to information from Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the palace subsequently apologized. King Willem-Alexander reported personally – and admitted mistakes: “The king informed me that it was not good to organize it in retrospect,” emphasized Prime Minister Rutte.

The latest Corona incident involving the Dutch royal family is by no means the first of its kind. While a lockdown was imposed in Holland last year, the family flew to a holiday home in Greece to take a vacation. Meanwhile, the government asked all citizens to stay at home. A public apology was also issued after this incident. The royal couple even appeared on TV for it.

Royals in the Netherlands: Criticism focuses on King Willem-Alexander

The criticism of the royals is focused – especially after the latest incident, Princess Amalia’s birthday party – on King Willem-Alexander. Survey institutes certify that he has poor popularity ratings among the population. “The king is not doing his best here. And this despite the fact that its popularity among the population is historically low. You can expect the king to lead by example. If they haven’t done that twice, then they really haven’t done their job, ”said Peter Rehwinkel, politician and author, to the newspaper De Volkskrant. Princess Amalia, on the other hand, is less critical. “It seems that the Dutch are now mainly condemning King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in this riot because Amalia is still a child,” said Sam Hoevenaar, journalist, the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

“Confidence in the royal family was shaken during the crisis, and now they are showing again that they believe that they have different rules than the rest of the country.”

Sam Hoevenaar, journalist, in an interview with the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad

Corona in the Netherlands: Government imposes new lockdown

On Saturday (December 19th, 2021) it became known that the Netherlands would go into a corona lockdown again. That was decided by the cabinet in an emergency meeting that afternoon. “To sum it up in one sentence: The Netherlands will go into lockdown again from tomorrow,” said Prime Minister Mark Rutte. “It’s inevitable. We have to intervene to prevent worse. ”According to Rutte, the background to the measure is the threatened spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, which is considered to be significantly more infectious than previous variants.

The new lockdown in the Netherlands will apply from December 19th until January 14th. Shops, restaurants, culture and hairdressers should close, strict contact restrictions apply in private rooms. These are partially relaxed on the Christmas holidays: Instead of just two contacts, citizens can receive four contacts at home on the three days. The new lockdown represents a new level of tightening of the rules. Until now, there was only one lockdown in the evening: All shops had to close from 5:00 p.m., with the exception of retail, which is part of the basic supply – i.e. supermarkets, pharmacies, discounters. Now the complete closure of the non-essential shops follows for around three weeks.

The population reacted immediately to Rutte’s announcement on Saturday afternoon: In several large cities, such as Amsterdam, long queues formed in front of the shops. Many people justified their activism by saying that they still had to get Christmas presents. (do)

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