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Princess Charlène of Monaco in the hospital – the family's reaction gives cause for concern

Many fans of Charlène von Monaco wonder how the princess is doing. Now the family is back in France.

Monaco – Charlène von Monaco is currently still in South Africa. The princess had to undergo an operation under general anesthesia about two weeks ago. The background, as the 43-year-old has now confirmed, was an infection. After her operation, Charlène emphasized how much she “missed” her family, Prince Albert II and their children Jacques and Gabriella.

Finally, a few days ago a family visit took place in South Africa. Albert had also announced this beforehand. Charlène was overjoyed: “I’m so happy to have my family with me again.” The Princess’s family has now left again – and is apparently in France.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – your family is on vacation

Albert recently enjoyed canoeing with the two children, as the boat rental company announced on social media. Accordingly, the leisure event took place inland, in the “Canoes Roquegeoffre Port d’enveaux”, in the municipality of Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse.

The two six-year-old children apparently enjoyed the last days of vacation. Because in France the new school year begins at the beginning of September.

Fürstin Charlène von Monaco


Princess Charlène of Monaco. (Archive photo)

However, Charlène will probably miss out on Jacques and Gabriella’s school life for the time being, as she says she cannot travel yet. * also reports on this. Princess Charlène countered any rumors of marriage, for example a divorce, which Albert’s aunt seemed to know about – and countered her critics. (tu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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