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Princess Charlène of Monaco – Is the escape from the "snake pit" coming?

Concern for Princess Charlène of Monaco is growing – and not just because of her health problems. Now an insider unpacks.

Monaco – It is not getting any quieter around Monaco’s Princess Charlène. On the contrary. For weeks there have been rumors about her health, her marriage and her future. Princess Charlène is currently struggling with an ENT infection in South Africa, so she cannot fly back to Monaco. A few days ago, Charlène collapsed and even had to go to the hospital again *. But apparently these are not her only worries.

The princess may not want to go back to Monaco at all. Because: There are some palace personalities waiting there who are not particularly sympathetic to Charlène. “Monaco is a pit of snakes,” emphasizes a palace insider who is quoted by the Bild newspaper. Accordingly, the 43-year-old had problems from the beginning to arrive properly in the Princely House. Now, after ten years of marriage with Prince Albert, the break threatens.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – Albert’s ex-wife as a disruptive factor

Princess Charlène has been separated from her husband Albert and their children Gabriella and Jacques (both 6 years old) for months. Most recently, Albert’s aunt fueled the divorce rumors surrounding Princess Charlène. But what is really going on in Monaco? According to the media report, it is a real princely family feud.

On the one hand there is Prince Albert’s ex-lover, Nicole Coste. Albert has an illegitimate son with the 49-year-old: Alexandre Grimaldi Coste. Just a few days ago Albert was at his birthday party. Coste emphasized to Paris Match magazine: “Albert made a commitment from the outset to gradually take his son into his family.” A circumstance that Charlène also has to cope with. In addition, Albert’s ex-lover is still looking for proximity to the Fürstenhof.

Princess Charlène of Monaco and the problem of the Albert sisters

Then there are the two sisters of Prince Albert, Caroline and Stéphanie. The former is Albert’s eldest sister. Up until the birth of Charlène’s two children, Caroline von Hannover was the hereditary princess. Thus her own children (Andrea, Charlotte, Pierre, Alexandra) were counted as candidates for the succession to the throne. To be now only second choice should offend Caroline. According to media reports, she is considered to be the spreader of negative press about Charlène.

Then there is Stéphanie from Monaco. She is the godmother of Albert’s illegitimate son Alexandre. After all, her relationship with Charlène is considered unencumbered, and she apparently never played a role in the succession to the throne. Rather, she is the family’s problem child, once ran away with a ringmaster.

Princess Charlène of Monaco in South Africa: what’s next?

But what’s next for Charlène? The princess was to be examined again by a doctor in Ballito. Her sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock spoke of a “planned follow-up appointment”. A relative recently described Princess Charlène as “weak and fragile”.

Wittstock was also certain that the princess would “return to Monaco by the end of October”. In addition, “the speculations about a second home in South Africa are not true”. Meanwhile, the Charlène family is back in France. (nc) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Princess Charlènes "Martyrdom of Monaco": New sad details revealed

Recently, Charlène von Monaco looked very unhappy. Allegedly, the princess has been sad for several years.

Princess Charlène and the “Martyrdom of Monaco”: new details reveal sadness

Most recently, Charlène von Monaco looked very unhappy. The princess is said to have been saddened for many years.

Princess Charlènes "Martyrdom of Monaco": New details reveal sad things

Most recently, Charlène von Monaco looked very unhappy. The princess is said to have been saddened for many years.

Princess Charlènes "Martyrdom of Monaco" – New details known

Recently, Charlène von Monaco looked very unhappy. The princess is said to have been saddened for many years.