NewsPrince Albert freezes money from oligarchs - "Condemns the...

Prince Albert freezes money from oligarchs – "Condemns the invasion of Ukraine"

In order to support Ukraine in the war, Prince Albert wants to freeze oligarchs’ money. He strongly condemned the Russian invasion.

Monaco – The invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine is currently occupying the whole world. Now Prince Albert* of Monaco has also spoken out and is backing the Ukraine.

In an official statement posted to Instagram, he announced that he would freeze Russian money. The palace letter states: “Prince Albert II strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine.”

Prince Albert
date of birth 03/14/1958
position reigning Prince of Monaco since 2005
wife Charlene of Monaco

Prince Albert freezes Russian money: Monaco supports Ukraine in the war

He expresses his full solidarity with the people of Ukraine, victims of military operations and bombings. He also supports calls for an immediate ceasefire.

“The Principality of Monaco reaffirms its commitment to respect for international law, sovereignty, integrity and independence of States,” the statement said. Differences of opinion and conflicts could only be resolved peacefully, with diplomacy and dialogue. “The Sovereign Prince supports all initiatives aimed at stopping hostilities, returning to consultations and withdrawing Russian forces from the territory of Ukraine.”

Prince Albert supports Ukraine: he wants to freeze oligarchs’ money

In order to support the country in the Ukraine conflict*, Prince Albert also wants to freeze the money of Russian oligarchs: “In accordance with its international obligations, the Principality immediately adopted and implemented procedures for freezing funds and sanctions, identical to those of most European countries states.”

Many people are currently using Google Maps to inform the Russian population about the Ukraine war. There they leave reviews for restaurants to avoid censorship. (Samira Müller) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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