NewsPrincess Charlène of Monaco - Palace announces sad news

Princess Charlène of Monaco – Palace announces sad news

Concern for the health of Princess Charlène of Monaco continues. Now the royals are also taking a stand.

Monaco – For months there has been speculation about the state of health of Charlène Lynette Grimaldi, Princess of Monaco. The 43-year-old has been in South Africa for some time, where she is currently stuck because her health does not allow her to travel. On Friday (August 13th, 2021), the palace finally provided clarity with an official statement: Princess Charlène was operated on. The operation will take four hours and will be carried out under general anesthesia, announced the Princely House. Apparently the operation took place immediately on Friday.

As the palace then announced, a trip to South Africa was “planned” by her husband, Prince Albert II, together with the twins Gabriella and Jacques. That was what happened now.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – concern for her health continues

Princess Charlène traveled to South Africa at the beginning of the year to support the fight against poaching by rhinos. However, it later became clear that it wasn’t just a social engagement trip. Your home visit turned out to be months of ordeal. “The road ahead is long and painful,” said the Foundation of the 43-year-old.

According to consistent media reports, Charlène’s insufficient ear pressure makes it impossible to travel by plane. Health problems can arise at an altitude of several thousand meters. How long Princess Charlène of Monaco will have to stay in South Africa is still unclear, as reported by *.

Princess Charlène of Monaco collapsed – she has to go to the hospital

The palace announced its first positive message after the operation. Princess Charlène is recovering well and is on the mend: “We think of her with tenderness,” said Prince Albert in a statement. Charlène also gave first impressions of her family’s sick visit in South Africa. A few days ago, however, another collapse made new headlines: Charlène had to be hospitalized again. * This meant, for example, that the princess missed the start of school for her two children in Monaco.

While there are new concerns about Charlène’s health, an aunt Albert causes a stir. She says: “Charlène is not coming back” – and speaks of the royal couple’s thoughts of divorce. In the meantime, Princess Charlène von Monaco has spoken out herself. She also countered the criticism of her marriage to Albert. (tu / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – fans in great concern

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still staying in South Africa. A new photo causes great unrest among, fans.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – Palace announces sad news

Charlène von Monaco is still in poor health. Fans worry about the princess. Now the palace announces a sad message.

Princess Charlène of Monaco is not returning – she plans to do so instead

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still in South Africa due to illness. There she will apparently stay - and has already made big plans.

Princess Charlène of Monaco does not return – what she plans instead

Princess Charlène von Monaco is still in South Africa due to illness. Apparently she has big plans there.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: Palace with sad news

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still sick. Fans worry about their health. Now the palace is releasing a sad message.