NewsPrincess Charlène of Monaco - Palace announces sad news

Princess Charlène of Monaco – Palace announces sad news

Charlène von Monaco is in poor health – fans of the princess are concerned. The royals now announce sad news.

Monaco – Charlène von Monaco has dominated the news situation from the palace for weeks. Because she is currently stuck in South Africa: an infection forced her to have an operation under general anesthesia, which is why she is under medical treatment. Princess Charlène recently broke down again. The princess had to be taken to a clinic.

In the meantime, she received a visit from her family in South Africa: Prince Albert II and the two six-year-old children Jacques and Gabriella provided her support. Meanwhile, however, Charlène’s family is back in France. A few days ago, recordings of a canoe tour by Prince Albert and the children were circulating. That happened just a few days before the end of the vacation.

Princess Charlène of Monaco misses her children’s first day of school

Now the twins Jacques and Gabriella had their first day of school. Sadly, her mother Charlène missed it due to illness. However, this was not about the school enrollment of the six-year-old children: The two started school in 2018 at the age of three. A photo that Princess Charlène shared on Instagram at the time shows the two:

The fact that Princess Charlène of Monaco missed the first day of the new school year is hardly a surprise. Charlène’s sister-in-law, who is also the spokeswoman for the Princely Foundation, recently emphasized that further medical examinations were on the agenda.

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Allegations against Charlène von Monaco: Now the princess is responding to the criticism

It has been known since the beginning of the history of the disease that Charlene had an ENT infection. This apparently ensures that the princess cannot travel to Monaco by plane. The air pressure at a height of several thousand meters makes this impossible.

However, numerous fans of the royals wonder why the princess does not choose the ship as her way of traveling. An aunt Alberts recently put into circulation for a new explanation: Charlène is “not coming back” to Monaco, she stressed – and referred to marriage problems between the royal couple: Charlène has now responded to the rumors. A former lover of Albert has now commented on Charlène’s family. Meanwhile, the latest news from the princess causes confusion. (do)

Princess Charlène of Monaco – fans in great concern

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still staying in South Africa. A new photo causes great unrest among, fans.

Princess Charlène of Monaco – Palace announces sad news

Charlène von Monaco is still in poor health. Fans worry about the princess. Now the palace announces a sad message.

Princess Charlène of Monaco is not returning – she plans to do so instead

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still in South Africa due to illness. There she will apparently stay - and has already made big plans.

Princess Charlène of Monaco does not return – what she plans instead

Princess Charlène von Monaco is still in South Africa due to illness. Apparently she has big plans there.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: Palace with sad news

Princess Charlène of Monaco is still sick. Fans worry about their health. Now the palace is releasing a sad message.