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Princess Charlène of Monaco – Relationship to the illegitimate son becomes an issue

Prince Albert’s illegitimate son Alexandre recently turned 18. His mother is now speaking for the first time about her shared relationship with the Princely House.

Monaco – There has been much speculation about the marriage of Prince Albert of Monaco in recent days. After his wife, Princess Charlène Lynette Grimaldi, has been stuck in South Africa for a long time for health reasons, the testimony of one of Albert’s aunt gives rise to divorce rumors.

Christa Mayrhofer-Dukor, Albert’s mother’s cousin, announced that their marriage was apparently on the verge of divorce. “If they don’t talk, I do,” she emphasized in an interview with the Italian tabloid Oggi. Now Nicole Coste, mother of one of the Prince’s two illegitimate children, gave an exclusive interview to Paris Match magazine and spoke about her relationship with the Princely House – the language also came to Princess Charlène.

Monaco: Exclusive interview reveals relationship to the Princely House

It is possible that Alexandre Grimaldi Coste reached the age of majority a few days ago that tipped the scales for the interview. Before that, Nicole Coste had not commented on her relationship with the Princely House for 16 years.

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The former stewardess said in an interview: “Albert always accepted his role as father and we never made a financial agreement,” reports the gala. There are many similarities between father and son, they are interested in the same topics. “They play sports and talk about politics,” said the 49-year-old.

The former love affair is grateful and speaks of mutual trust. She was never afraid that her son would not belong to the royal family and would not have a place in Albert’s life. Alexandre’s relationship with his half-siblings, the twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, both 6 years old, is also loving: “Jacques and Gabriella are still young. Alexandre happily plays with them when he sees them. “

Why the relationship with Princess Charlène will probably never heal

Only when the language comes to the relationship with Princess Charlène does the tone change. The conversation does not shed a good light on Prince Albert’s wife, according to the gala. Nicole Coste begins her answer with a preliminary remark: “This is a topic that I cannot avoid because we are often compared. I don’t like being compared. I’ve never made an enemy. “

The native Nigerian recounts moments between her and the princess that she will never be able to forget or forgive: “During the engagement period, I experienced things that alarmed and shocked me,” says Nicole Coste. She always wanted mutual respect, but unfortunately it turned out very differently.

“For example, she changed my son’s room and took advantage of his father’s absence to put him in the staff wing. As a mother, I can’t find words to describe this behavior, ”said Alexandre’s mother. An incident that will be difficult to forget.

Princess Charlène continues to recover

The palace confirmed two weeks ago (August 13, 2021) that Princess Charlène had to undergo an operation under general anesthesia. Her husband then told People magazine. “The operation went well, Princess Charlène is resting and we think of her with tenderness.”

The 43-year-old published several photos of her family on Instagram. Prince Albert announced days ago that a sick visit from Charlène in South Africa would be “in the next few days”, of course with the two six-year-old children Gabriella and Jaques. They can be seen next to their parents in the photos. Then Charlène cuddles with the two of them, Albert is in the background. Charlène commented on the photos as follows: “I am so happy to have my family with me again.” She countered the rumors of a marriage break with her social media postings. (Nadja Austel)

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