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Princess Charlène of Monaco: Royaler Insider reveals details about marriage to Albert

Princess Charlène of Monaco and the Royals are still in the headlines. Her marriage to Prince Albert causes rumors.

Monaco – Princess Charlène has been making headlines about the Principality of Monaco for months. The central topic is the health of the 43-year-old Princess of Monaco. She is still in South Africa and is said to be still ailing. But not only her health causes a stir, but also rumors about a possible marriage crisis between her and Prince Albert II.

An aunt of Albert had fueled the rumors with her statements. She had claimed that Charlene would not return to Monaco. Now friends of the royal family have commented on it. For one, Nicole Coste, Albert’s former lover, gave details.

Coste, who has an illegitimate son with the prince, sharply criticized Charlène. She sent the then seven-year-old Alexandre Grimaldi Corste to the staff wing. “During the engagement period, I experienced things that alarmed and shocked me,” Coste told the French magazine Paris Match.

Insiders give details: Princess Charlène of Monaco tries to “keep the family together”

On the other hand, a confidante Charlènes also commented on the Royals. In an interview with People magazine, he doubted what Coste said. “Indeed, Charlène was always the one who tried to keep the whole family together,” the anonymous source emphasized. He also contradicted the rumors about a marriage crisis between Charlène and Albert: The Prince of Monaco has already commented on it.

Fürstin Charlène von Monaco im Jahr 2018. (Archivfoto)


Princess Charlène of Monaco in 2018 (archive photo)

He said: “She is a kind of heroine for the children.” Nevertheless, it was not easy for Charlène to integrate her husband’s two illegitimate children – including Alexandre – into her life. “I don’t want to say that she always wants the children around her because there are arguments on many fronts,” explains the insider. When asked about the topic, Albert also gave details to People magazine: “She now accepts it more.”

Due to her health, however, Charlène is locally bound to South Africa. The healing process from the infection currently prohibits air travel. As a result, the Princess of Monaco recently missed the start of school for her children, Gabriella and Jacques. (do)

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