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Princess Charlène of Monaco – she has a surprising guest with her on her return

Princess Charlène of Monaco was stuck in South Africa for ten months. Now she is finally back. New photos of the palace show: the princess is not coming alone.

Monaco – Princess Charlène of Monaco has finally made it. She is back in Monaco. Princess Charlène was stuck in South Africa for ten months, not allowed to fly due to a severe ear infection and several operations. On Monday (November 8th, 2021) the relieving message followed: “She arrived in Monaco this morning, thank God she is back home”, explained her father Mike Wittstock to the German Press Agency in Johannesburg.

As numerous pictures, including those published by the Daily Mail, prove, her private jet landed at the airport in the French coastal city of Nice. Photographers promptly shot Charlène von Monaco as she was received by employees and a dog on the tarmac. The Princess then flew the last stretch to Monaco in a helicopter.

Princess Charlène of Monaco back: palace with surprising photos

The palace also reacted promptly to the return of the Princess of Charlène to Monaco. “A reunion full of joy and emotion,” it said on Facebook. The palace shared more pictures on Instagram. It says that Charlène was greeted early in the morning by her husband, Prince Albert, their children, and his sister, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.

Fürst Albert und die gemeinsamen Kinder begrüßen Prinzessin Charlène von Monaco nach ihrer Heimkehr.


Prince Albert and their children greet Princess Charlène of Monaco after their return home.

One thing can be clearly seen in the pictures in question: Charlène did not return to Monaco alone. Because there is a new member of the family, Khan. This is a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy from South Africa. Only recently the princess had to accept the death of her beloved four-legged friend Monte.

But now the royal family is finally reunited. The pictures published by the palace are a symbol of the bliss of the royals. Charlène stands arm in arm with her husband Albert and the twins Gabriella and Jacques in front of a long white staircase. The princess wears a black robe, short blonde hair and – of course – a face mask. “It was a challenging time here, but at the same time it was wonderful to be back in South Africa,” she emphasized on the tarmac at Durban’s King Shaka International Airport.

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Why did Princess Charlène of Monaco stay in South Africa for so long?

For a long time it looked as if Princess Charlène of Monaco would not return home for the time being. The 43-year-old had spent around ten months in her home country South Africa to campaign against rhino hunting. Due to a severe ENT infection, doctors forbade the princess to return home for a long time.

Charlène has been married to Prince Albert II since 2011. The two have six-year-old twins Gabriella and Jacques. Due to her long stay in South Africa, rumors of a marriage crisis between Charlène and Albert have accumulated in recent weeks. However, both the princess and the prince always denied this. Now the drama has finally come to an end. (nc)

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