NewsPrincess Charlène of Monaco worried about her daughter

Princess Charlène of Monaco worried about her daughter

Once again, the focus is on the health of a member of the Monegasque Princely House. But this time it is not Princess Charlène of Monaco who is affected – but her daughter.

Monaco – Most recently, Princess Charlène of Monaco’s state of health regularly made headlines. The 43-year-old was operated on in South Africa after an infection. She then had to undergo clinical treatment before another breakdown occurred. * However, Charlène is now on the mend, as both her sister-in-law and husband Albert have confirmed.

Now, however, the focus is no longer on her, but on her daughter’s health. Six-year-old Gabriella is currently dependent on a wheelchair. A few days after starting school, the Monegasque princess apparently injured herself, which makes this measure necessary. Photos on Instagram show Gabriella with her brother Jacques of the same age as well as her aunt Caroline von Hannover and her cousins.

Princess Charlène of Monaco worried – daughter Gabriella is injured in a wheelchair

Princess Gabriella of Monaco probably injured her right leg. According to the recordings, she is wearing a pink cast. As a distraction, the six-year-old attended a dog show with her relatives. As the photos show, she was allowed to stroke a four-legged friend on her lap, which was a joy. Excursions such as a canoe trip with her brother and father should not be possible for the time being. In the absence of her mother Charlène, she is now dependent on her aunt or father, as she cannot walk on her own. The wheelchair should now accompany them for several weeks.

Fürstin Charlène von Monaco mit Prinzessin Gabriella


Princess Charlène of Monaco with Princess Gabriella in her arms.

Meanwhile, it is unclear when her mother will return to Monaco. Most recently, the 43-year-old emphasized that she would be back in the principality by October 2021 at the latest. However, your state of health and the healing process progress slowly. This is what her sister-in-law’s statements suggest after the latest collapse. “The healing just wasn’t making the progress the doctors had hoped,” she said. “She is doing well under the circumstances,” emphasized her husband Albert. However, further medical examinations were necessary, the prince explained.

Prince Albert II recently also commented on the marriage rumors surrounding his wife Charlène. Before that, his aunt had caused a sensation. She stressed that Charlène was “not coming back”. (tu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubriklistenbild: © VALERY HACHE

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