NewsPrincess Charlotte got this sweet habit from Mama Kate

Princess Charlotte got this sweet habit from Mama Kate

Charlotte has long since taken the hearts of Royal fans by storm. The cute princess is becoming more and more like her mother Duchess Kate.

London – Princess Charlotte (6) is becoming more and more a media darling. Alongside her two brothers George (8) and Louis (3), the smart daughter of the Cambridges easily asserts herself. In the meantime, it is becoming increasingly clear how similar Charlotte is to her mother, Duchess Kate (40)*.

Princess Charlotte got this sweet habit from Mama Kate

Princess Charlotte* is the little sunshine of the British Royals*. Even if the only daughter of Duchess Kate and Prince William* (39) actually plays second fiddle behind her brother George*, who will one day become king, she is already the secret darling of the media. Charlotte already knows exactly how to deal with the press when she makes public appearances alongside her parents. Unforgotten to this day is how she put reporters in their place with a cheeky comment at the age of three after the baptism of her brother Louis. Palace insiders are also certain that Charlotte could one day become a lucrative brand of her own* – much like her mother Kate.

Prinzessin Charlotte steht neben einer erwachsenen Person und greift sich in die Haare (Symbolbild).


Princess Charlotte is becoming more and more like Duchess Kate (symbol image).

But the six-year-old is not only following in her smart mother’s footsteps when it comes to business. The Duchess and her daughter are already incredibly similar in gestures and facial expressions, as a recent TikTok video shows.

Princess Charlotte: Is the hairstyle right?

Charlotte and Kate share a habit that makes it undeniable that you are dealing with mother and daughter. The great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth* (95) has already been observed several times with a gesture that is known from Duchess Kate* – both graze their hair intensively when they feel unobserved and want to cover up a supposed moment of insecurity. A TikTok user even dedicated a whole clip to the royal hair handle, which is very popular with fans and followers.

@royalfancams Like mother like daughter ✨hair twirl✨ #DuchessOfCambridge #KateMiddleton #HRH #Duchess #DuchessKate #PrincessCharlotte #CharlotteElizabethDiana #fyp ♬ original sound – #TeamCambridge

Incidentally, there are also many parallels between the British Queen and her great-granddaughter. For example, Elizabeth and Charlotte are both absolute horse lovers*. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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