NewsPrincess Estelle: Far-reaching decision about her future

Princess Estelle: Far-reaching decision about her future

Princess Estelle is still a child, but in Sweden people are already thinking about the private future of the future heir to the throne.

Solna – At the age of nine, Princess Estelle certainly has other things on her mind than already thinking about weddings and family. Nevertheless, important news was recently announced in Sweden concerning the future of the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria (44). * reveals the exciting news recently announced about Princess Estelle's future.

Princess Estelle is the secret star of the Swedish royal family. The daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel (48) always likes to attract everyone's attention at public appearances and charms the photographers with her cheerful demeanor and her cheeky grin. Even though Estelle is already being prepared for her role as future queen, her parents try to raise her as normally as possible. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball or romping around Haga Castle with her younger brother Prince Oscar (5). At a young age, the princess is most likely not yet thinking about her private future or even a wedding – in contrast to the Swedish government. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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