NewsProcess for investment fraud in Koblenz

Process for investment fraud in Koblenz

Created: 10/11/2022 12:27 p.m

Prozess in Koblenz
The trial for investment fraud in the millions began at the Koblenz district court. © Thomas Frey/dpa

It is about allegedly fraudulent online trading in financial products in 710 cases. Seven defendants have to answer before the regional court in Koblenz.

Koblenz – A trial for investment fraud on the Internet with a total of almost ten million euros in damage and around 200 victims began on Tuesday in Koblenz.

According to the 208-page indictment, the seven defendants defrauded investors across Germany in call centers in Israel, Bulgaria and North Macedonia and via websites. A 61-year-old victim said as a spectator during a break in the district court: “It was done very professionally.” Despite commercial knowledge, he lost tens of thousands of euros and was angry with himself.

According to the indictment, customers should first deposit 250 euros each to open a trading account. They were offered an allegedly risk-free investment with extraordinarily high returns. In addition, according to the indictment, many investors concluded a “capital guarantee agreement” that led them to believe that they could not lose their money at all.

According to the indictment, the call center employees used false names. Your company’s registered office was not correctly stated on the Internet. Software has shown customers false increases in the value of their investments. In fact, their money was never invested, but flowed into the company network of the seven accused between 33 and 67 years. A payment to customers was never planned.

The Rhineland-Palatinate state central office for cybercrime at the Koblenz public prosecutor’s office investigated the complex, allegedly fraudulent online trade in financial products in 710 cases. According to their information, eight of the victims lived in Rhineland-Palatinate. The case of a cheated customer in Cochem on the Mosel triggered the investigation.

The accused five men and two women of different nationalities are said to have founded and operated a criminal organization for fraud between 2014 and 2020. Several defense attorneys announced statements by their clients on Tuesday. The process is initially scheduled to last until December 29th. dpa

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