NewsProminent vaccine skeptic dies after corona infection

Prominent vaccine skeptic dies after corona infection

First he advised his listeners against the vaccination, then Phil Valentine infected himself with Corona. Now the conservative radio presenter from the USA has died.

Nashville – After weeks of battling Covid 19, the conservative US radio presenter Phil Valentine died as a result of being infected with the coronavirus. This was announced by the local broadcaster Super Talk 99.7 WTN, for whom Valentine had worked as a talk show host, on Saturday (August 21, 2021) via the short message service Twitter. The family of the conservative radio journalist had called several times in the previous weeks to be vaccinated against corona.

Before his illness, Valentine had loudly made it clear in his broadcast and in his conservative blog that he thought little of compulsory vaccinations, would not get himself vaccinated, and would not advise his audience to have a vaccination either. That is the decision of every individual, he wrote, and compared the attitude with the demands of US activists who demonstrate under the motto “my body, my choice” for the much-discussed right to abortion in the USA.

“Very personal risk analysis”: US vaccine skeptic falls ill with corona and dies

In December 2020 he wrote on his blog: “I just need common sense. How big are my chances of getting Covid? They are pretty low. What are my chances of dying from Covid if I get it? Maybe less than a percent. I do what everyone should do and that is a very personal risk analysis ”. If someone came to the conclusion on this basis that vaccination was the right decision, he could understand that.

Valentine himself posted the information that he had Corona on July 11th via his Facebook channel: “Yes, the rumors are true. I have Covid, “he wrote and announced that he would take a day off as a precaution. “The bad news for everyone who hates me out there, it looks like I’ll survive”. He added in his statement. A few days later he posted a picture with the words “I got my Covid-19 vaccine” and two plasters crossed, with the word “vaccine” crossed out. His comment on the publicly accessible Facebook page: “I am fulfilling my patriotic duty and contribute to herd immunity.” His last Facebook post is from July 16.

Skepticism about corona vaccination: Sender called for vaccinations on behalf of the moderator

On July 23, his broadcaster announced the transfer of the 61-year-old to a clinic. As a result of the infection, he had pneumonia and needed mechanical assistance to breathe. “Phil wants his listeners to know that although he was never a vaccine opponent, he regrettably did not speak positively enough about the benefits of the vaccine,” the statement said. After his hoped-for return to the station, he wanted to represent this position much more strongly. (ska)

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