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“Pure greenwashing” – Greta Thunberg sharply criticizes the fashion industry

Climate activist Greta Thunberg poses for the cover of the Scandinavian branch of the fashion magazine Vogue. In doing so, she hands out clearly against the fashion industry.

Frankfurt – The 18-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg graces the cover of Vogue. To be more precise: The cover picture of the first issue of the Scandinavian version of the international fashion magazine, Vogue Scandinavia. Corresponding pictures, which the Swede has already published on social networks, show Thunberg wearing a trench coat and stroking a horse in a forest between rocks and trees. The initiator of the climate school strikes and the meanwhile worldwide “Fridays for Future” movement used the occasion to criticize the fashion industry.

After Greta Thunberg has been a little quieter in the past two years – probably also due to Corona – the young climate activist now used the opportunity to draw attention to the problems of the fashion industry. In an excerpt from the interview printed in Vogue Scandinavia, the 18-year-old complains: “The fashion industry is an enormous part of the climate and environmental emergency, not to mention its influence on countless workers and communities around the world exploited just so that some of them can enjoy fast fashion that many use as disposable items. “

Greta Thunberg on the Vogue cover: Some companies operate “pure greenwashing”

Greta Thunberg also criticizes the fact that some in the fashion industry, with sometimes expensive advertising campaigns, try to trick consumers into believing that the products in question are “sustainable”, “climate neutral”, “green” or “fair”. But this is almost never anything other than just “pure greenwashing”, said the 18-year-old on Twitter. In doing so, she criticizes companies that want to use such marketing campaigns to create a green image without actually doing anything for the climate. One thing is clear: “The way the world is shaped today, fashion cannot be mass-produced or consumed ‘sustainably’. That is one of the many reasons why we need a system change, ”explains Greta Thunberg.

With clothes made from recycled material: environmental activist Greta Thunberg on the cover of Vogue

As the Spiegel reports, citing the Swedish newspaper Expressen, Thunberg shares the values of Vogue Scandinavia magazine with regard to sustainable living and environmental protection. The clothes that the climate activist wore at the photo session were made from sustainable, recycled material.

Sápmi 2021-07-13 Climate activist Greta Thunberg poses for a photo by the Áhkká mountain at the world heritage site of t


Climate activist Greta Thunberg can be seen on the cover of the first issue of Vogue Scandinavia. (Archive image)

Greta Thunberg also told the fashion magazine Vogue Scandinavia that she hadn’t bought any new clothes for several years. “The last time I bought something new was three years ago and it was secondhand. I just borrow things from people I know, ”said the 18-year-old Swede. (yw)

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