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Puzzles with animals

Form herds, find water, avoid fire: “Savannah Park” is a family game that challenges everyone intellectually.

As the publisher describes the game: In the middle of the heart of Africa lies an incomparably beautiful natural paradise. Not only do the largest land animals in Africa live in these endless expanses, but visitors are also presented with an outstanding landscape. On this wonderful piece of earth, players compete to see who can optimize their own park most successfully. To do this, they must help the animals to gather with their peers in the largest possible herds by repositioning them. Access to the water points is also essential in order to multiply the value of the herds. In addition, the players must make sure that bush fires are not dangerous to the animals. The shady trees and lush grass are also helpful. The more a park has of it at the end of the game, the better. As soon as all animals have found a new place, the game ends with a final scoring. The winner is whoever was able to collect the most points. Savannah Park is an interactive puzzle with beautiful artwork by Annika Heller. The board game by the multiple award-winning game design duo Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling offers fun for families, experienced game groups and solo games with simple rules. Variants provide new challenges and a high level of replay appeal.

Savannah Park:

Game designers: Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer

Publisher: Deep Print Games, Pegasus

Age recommendation: from 8 years

Number of players: 1-4 players

Playing time: 20-40 minutes

Price: approx. € 30.00

Review by Hunter: Using tiles to puzzle patterns or colored combinations is a popular and constantly revived topic of modern board games. The well-known and extremely successful author duo Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer prove with Savannah Park that this basic idea is far from over.

Familienspiel: Auf diesem herrlichen Stück Erde wetteifern die Spieler darum, wer den eigenen Park am erfolgreichsten zu optimieren weiß.


Family game: on this wonderful piece of earth, players compete to see who can best optimize their own park.

In “Savannah Park” we puzzle out hexagonal tiles on which different animals of the Savannah are depicted. The special feature is that all tiles are randomly distributed on the game board before the start of the game. During the game you will only move each tile once and thus place it in a different and at the same time final place. Everyone always plays at the same time. However, whoever is currently on the move may choose which tile is moved next. Since each tile is unique, all players then look for this tile on their board and move it.

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When placing the tiles, in addition to avoiding dangerous bush fires, the main aim is to form as large herds as possible of the same animal species, which in turn have access to as many water sources as possible. At the end of the game, the number of animals in the most valuable herd is then multiplied by the number of water sources.

“Savannah Park” is an extremely good puzzle game for the whole family. Thanks to the simultaneous game mechanics, boredom never arises and all players always have something to do. The rules are easy for children to master, but at the same time represent a real intellectual challenge to grow with. And the game also offers a variety of game situations for adults. Since you cannot influence which tiles your fellow players choose, luck also plays an important role and quickly destroys some far-reaching strategies.

The beautiful design of the game and the family-friendly theme round off the package and make “Savannah Park” a real recommendation – even if you are still looking for a good Christmas present. (Hunter)

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