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Qatar 2022: 57% of Mexicans think that this World Cup will be one of the most boring, but they are willing to pay to see it

The World Cup is getting closer and closer. A sporting event that takes place every four years and is one of the most watched throughout the world. According to FIFA, the 2018 World Cup final between France and Croatia reached an average television audience of 517 million live viewers.

In contrast, the number of viewers of the Super Bowl in 2021 is almost four times smaller, including an international audience of between 30 and 50 million, according to the Statista data portal. This means that for brands the World Cup becomes a great exhibition platform and meeting point with the consumer.

In its study “Qatar 2022: Media Champions”, the market research agency Kantar found that 85% of Mexicans plan to watch all the national team matches. Beyond the fifth game, 13% do not lose hope of seeing the Tricolor party triumph.

But 16% of Mexicans declare themselves to be soccer fans, which is why they assure that they will not miss any confrontation on the field. Based on Kantar’s analysis, there is a low probability that the audience will not watch any World Cup matches, only 7% are not interested in the event. Additionally, eight out of 10 Mexicans are as or more enthusiastic about Qatar than they were about Russia or Brazil in 2014.

However, the expectations of the World Cup are still not the best. 57% of Mexicans perceive that this edition of the World Cup will be more boring and 11% believe that it could be better.

In this regard, Pedro López, brand & media director at Kantar Mexico, mentions that the forecast may respond to the little noise about the event, since 45% have heard less about Qatar, compared to previous World Cups. Even 55% of Mexicans do not know the exact dates on which the national team will play.

On the other hand, among the main barriers that could limit users from seeing the World Cup, the time difference, the rise in prices and Covid-19 stand out. Although, for 65%, the coronavirus does not have to change the way they intend to enjoy the matches, in fact, some believe that they will be able to enjoy the experience more, after having lived through a series of restrictions in the last two years.

As for the places to watch the World Cup, a large part of Mexicans indicated that they will tune in to the games from home, 20% will watch them at the office, 37% at the home of relatives or friends, and 31% at a bar or restaurant.

The majority will watch the games on open and paid television, although they prefer to follow the World Cup news through social networks. Facebook is the favorite social network of users. It is followed by YouTube, considering that you can see reviews of the matches by influencers, sports commentators or opinion leaders, and then Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

According to the analysis, 59% trust opinion leaders or sports commentators to know about the sporting event, while 16% lean towards influencers. Mexicans, emphasizes Vargas, seek to follow the games of the national team, but also have fun with memes and jokes. In fact, they mainly look for influencers to see humor about the World Cup and opinion leaders to find out about the matches of the Mexican team.

The marks on the field

5 out of 10 Mexicans are struck by the brands that join the World Cup , so being on the field is a success for them. 50% of people believe that a brand present at this sporting event is more attractive. Only a small percentage thinks that this is not the case and 44% are indifferent.

Although advertising in the World Cup offers exposure and the possibility of improving brand perception, it is not necessarily synonymous with purchase intention. Kantar identified that 22% of Mexican consumers do consider purchasing a brand’s products, after seeing it on the court.

“The Mexican likes to be involved, but there is still not enough noise about the World Cup, it is time for brands to come out and shout ‘GOAL’, but the strategies they use to position themselves and improve their perception should focus on three main axes: promotions , surveys and gifts, which is what consumers and Pambolovers value the most”, concludes the manager.

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