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Queen Elizabeth II: Queen of British Humor – the funniest moments in royal life

Created: 9/4/2022 11:53 am

Often enough, the life of the British head of the crown is dignified and serious. The scenes that emerge thanks to Queen Elizabeth II’s typical black humor are all the funnier. The monarch enchants and impresses many people in the long term.

Prinz Harry nimmt im Beisein der Queen Abschied von der Militärakademie in Sandhurst, Surrey.
1 / 12 Queen Elizabeth made Prince Harry (then 21 years old) laugh at a military parade in 2006. Queen Elizabeth attended the Sovereign’s Parade at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy to attend Prince Harry’s farewell ceremony at which he was made an army officer. The monarch beamed down the line of soldiers, knowing full well that the officers should have frozen in pure control. Prince Harry couldn’t help but smile. During his 10-year service in the British Army, Prince Harry served twice in Afghanistan and rose to the rank of Captain. © Dylan Martinez/dpa
Der Blick Queen Elizabeths II. mit dem sie am sechsten Tag ihrer Amerika-Reise Präsident George W. Bush bedenkt, spricht Bände.
2 / 12 Queen Elizabeth II made a joke about President George W. Bush (then 60 years old) in 2007 after he accidentally made her 200 years older in a speech. Bush commented on his faux pas at a welcoming ceremony in the White House with a wink: “She [the Queen] gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.” Two days later, at dinner at the British Ambassador’s residence, the royal came Retaliation: “I was wondering if I should begin this toast by saying, ‘When I was here in 1776 . . .’” said the Queen. “Your Majesty, I cannot surpass that,” the 43rd President of the USA then had to concede in his toast. © Mark Wilson/dpa
Queen Elizabeth II. zeigt sich zu Scherzen aufgelegt bei der Chelsea Flower Show 2016 in London
3 / 12 The then 90-year-old Queen Elizbeth II displayed raven-black humor at the brightly colored Chelsea Flower Show in 2016. At the world-famous flower show, herb gardener Jekka McVicar reportedly told Queen Elizabeth that lily of the valley was a popular poison in the past came. “I got two bouquets of these this week,” the queen is said to have said to McVicar, according to “Maybe they want to see me dead.” © Str/dpa
Queen Elizabeth II. hat unzählige Torten angeschnitten. Bei ihrer Jubiläumstorte gab’s zum „Anstich“ eine Portion feinsten königlichen Humor als Sahnehäubchen obendrauf.
4 / 12 Queen Elizabeth II has cut countless cakes. At her anniversary cake there was a portion of the finest royal humor as the icing on top. The cake was placed on the table in such a way that the photographers present could read it before setting it up. But for the monarch, seated behind the table, the text was upside down. This did not remain uncommented by Elizabeth II. She tossed the photographers: “You can see it well. It’s not bad for me, I’m not that important – I think I can read it upside down too.” © i Imago/Imago
Königin Elizabeth II. begrüßt Justin Trudeau (l), Premierminister von Kanada, beim Defilee für das Dinner der Königin beim Treffen der Staats- und Regierungschefs der Commonwealth-Staaten im Buckingham-Palast.
5 / 12 Queen Elizabeth II greets Justin Trudeau (l), Prime Minister of Canada, at the parade for the Queen’s dinner at the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government meeting at Buckingham Palace. At a gala at the Heads of Government gathering in 2015, Trudeau congratulated the Queen on 60 years on the throne and said in his speech that he was the twelfth Canadian prime minister to serve during her reign. In her acceptance speech, Elizabeth II echoed his words and began her speech by saying, “Thank you, Prime Minister of Canada, for making me feel so old.” © Matt Dunham/dpa
Queen Elizabeth II. besucht die Royal Windsor Horse Show im Jahr 2019.
6 / 12 Britain’s Dailymail headlined: ‘Something to celebrate ma’am? The Queen (93 at the time) appears very lively during the rainy start of the Royal Windsor Horse Show”. The Queen didn’t let the wet weather dampen her spirits as she appeared on the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Her great-grandson Archie (3) was born just two days earlier. The pictures of the warmly wrapped up, laughing Queen in the pouring rain went around the world. © Andrew Matthews/dpa
In der Eröffnungssequenz des Jubiläumskonzerts für Queen Elizabeth II. trifft die Königin auf Paddington Bär.
7 / 12 Paddington Bear kept the 96-year-old company in the palace and joined her in singing the Queen song “We Will Rock You” – in proper style with a silver spoon and teacup. True to the motto “double is better”, the jubilee concert for the platinum throne of Queen Elizabeth II and the band Queen was opened. The duo performed cute dialogue with a mostly humorous royal protagonist. © Victoria Jones/dpa
Queen Elizabeth II. glänzt mit 86 Jahren als Bond-Girl an der Seite von Daniel Craig (damals 44) bei der Eröffnungsfeier in London im Olympiafieber 2012.
8 / 12 Queen Elizabeth II shines at the age of 86 as a Bond girl alongside Daniel Craig (then 44) at the opening ceremony in London in the Olympic fever of 2012. With the funny clip that shows Her Majesty parachuting over Wembley Stadium ends, YouTube generated record numbers and acting talent. The helicopter jump was actually performed by stuntman Gary Connery, but Queen Elizabeth “was very keen on the idea and immediately agreed,” wrote royal dressmaker Angela Kelly in her memoir, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe. . She insisted on a speaking role: “Of course I have to say something. After all, he’s coming to save me,” she said. In an appearance on the BBC’s The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Craig said the Queen showed off her improvisational skills during their scenes together. “She said, ‘Do you want me to pretend to write?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, that’s great, that’s great’. So she acted a bit. It was all her own stuff. It was amazing.” © ZUMA Wire/Imago
Präsident Barack Obama und ein weiterer Teilnehmer geleiten die Queen die Treppe hinab zum Gruppenfoto.
9 / 12 Two unsuspecting gentlemen and the grinning queen The queen can’t help but laugh in this hilarious scene. At the gathering to mark the 70th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, US President Barack Obama and another attendee escorted the Queen down the stairs for a group photo. Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande are also present and watch unsuspectingly as a British tradition of sheer helpfulness and politeness goes to the dogs: the Queen may not be touched unless asked to do so. © ITAR-TASS/Imago
Der erste stellvertretende Minister Martin McGuinness begrüßte Queen Elizabeth 2016 im Hillsborough Castle in Belfast.
10 / 12 Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness (66, † 2017) welcomed Queen Elizabeth to Hillsborough Castle in Belfast in 2016. As he shakes her hand, he politely inquires about her well-being: “Hi, are you alright?” “Well, thank you,” was the Queen’s unexpected reply, “I’m alive anyway.” © Aaron Mccracken/Harrisons /Po/dpa
Elefantendame Donna teilt Enthusiasmus für Queen Elizabeth II.
11 / 12 Donna shares the enthusiasm for Queen Elizabeth II. The elephant hugged the Queen in anticipation of a second banana during a visit to Whipsnade Zoo in London in 2017. The photographer later said that Donna’s enthusiasm for the monarch had made the zoo keepers a little nervous. © i-Images/Imago
Queen Elizabeth beim G7-Summit in Carbis Bay.
12 / 12 Queen Elizabeth got the laughs on her side at the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay. At the G7 reception in Cornwall, the Queen created a good atmosphere with a joke. While the then 95-year-old posed with the heads of state of the leading Western economic powers for a group photo that seemed a bit stiff, with the corona-related distance, the master of small talk asked the group: “Should you now pretend to be having fun?” Boris Johnson later confirmed: Even if it doesn’t look like it, they actually had a lot of fun. © i-Images/Imago

Windsor – Stiff state banquets, dignified speeches, cumbersome tokens of honour, cake cuttings, openings and tree plantings: Queen Elizabeth II knows it all well enough. Nevertheless, she occasionally allows herself to lighten the mood on such occasions with a pinch of good British humor or surprises with performances that one simply would not trust the head of the monarchy to be capable of.

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