NewsQueen Máxima: She gets weak with this luxury item

Queen Máxima: She gets weak with this luxury item

The Dutch Queen Máxima likes to be down-to-earth in everyday life, but Willem-Alexander’s wife does enjoy a bit of luxury.

The Hague – Queen Máxima (50) is one of the most elegant royals in the world. Her sometimes extravagant style is regularly celebrated by the press and praised by fashion critics. In addition to fashion and styling, the mother of three also has another passion.

When the Queen of the Netherlands makes one of her numerous appearances, she is sure to be admired. Regardless of whether Máxima is on a state visit to Berlin or dares to drive a truck – the 50-year-old is always the radiant center of the action.

With unusual outfits, precious jewelry and extravagant accessories, the wife of King Willem-Alexander (54) is always in the spotlight. But the native Argentine is not only praised for her versatile clothing style. With her penchant for luxurious fragrances, she also has the right nose. * reveals the second favorite fragrance of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

As the Beaumonde portal reports, Máxima is said to have a particular fondness for extraordinary perfumes. Her favorites include an eau de parfum by Amouage – a fragrance that is said to have been created especially at the request of the Sultan of Oman. The ruler was always happy to present the exclusive little water, which even contains gold particles, to his guests on state visits. For the common people, a cheaper version of the perfume is also available in stores under the name “Amouage Imitation” from around EUR 300 per bottle. Then, however, without gold particles. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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