NewsQueen Silvia of Sweden: Good news from the palace

Queen Silvia of Sweden: Good news from the palace

After their trip to Dubai was canceled at short notice, the Swedish people were increasingly concerned about Queen Silvia, but the palace gave the all-clear.

Stockholm – Before the start of her well-deserved Christmas break, Queen Silvia (77) only has to complete a few appointments. Her last trip abroad this year would have been a trip to Dubai, but she had to cancel the visit shortly beforehand. A cold thwarted Silvia’s plans. In a brief statement, the royal family has now revealed whether the monarch is doing better again.

King Carl XVI. Gustaf’s (75) and Queen Silvia’s trip to Dubai had already triggered criticism in advance, because the Swedish regent had to travel alone to the United Arab Emirates due to his wife’s illness. While Carl Gustaf visited the Expo 2020, the ailing Silvia was able to take a rest and drink some strength again. When asked by the “Svensk Damtidning” magazine, press spokeswoman Margareta Thorgren confirmed that the 77-year-old is healthy again: “The queen has recovered. […] It was a bad cold that started at the end of last week, but now the Queen has it behind her. “ * knows why Queen Silvia is looking forward to the Christmas season full of anticipation.

After her illness-related break, Queen Silvia can resume her royal duties. At the upcoming festive meeting of the Swedish Academy in Stockholm, Silvia, according to Thorgren, will attend the side of husband Carl Gustaf as well as Crown Princess Victoria (44) and Prince Daniel (48). * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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