NewsQueen's funeral: Joe Biden receives an unusual invitation

Queen's funeral: Joe Biden receives an unusual invitation

Created: 09/13/2022, 5:05 p.m

Celebrities are expected at the Queen’s funeral. The high-ranking guests are sometimes made drastic regulations.

Update from Tuesday, September 13, 4:45 p.m .: Numerous state guests are expected at the Queen’s funeral service and funeral on Monday, including Joe Biden (see initial report). In addition, numerous visitors are apparently planning to travel to London to mourn. Given the crowds at the venue, the British Foreign Office has issued an urgent request to all high-ranking international guests. According to a report by the US news portal Politico , they should not travel to the Queen’s funeral by private jet or helicopter, but use scheduled flights. The report refers to internal documents of the ministry.

For the arrival of the heads of state, however, London’s Heathrow airport should not be used, but the surrounding airports. The background is that the organization of the Queen’s funeral should run as smoothly as possible. In addition to private jets, guests should also refrain from driving their own cars and company cars. Instead, they have to drop them off at a meeting point in London before boarding organized buses to Westminster Abbey together. In addition to US President Biden, this also affects Federal President Steinmeier.

Queen’s funeral: Joe Biden receives unusual invitation to London

First report from Monday, September 12, 2:30 p.m.: London / Washington DC – Queen Elizabeth II is dead. She is to be buried in London on Monday (September 19). Numerous guests are invited to the funeral, including US President Joe Biden.

Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. © Archive photo: Papixs / Starface / Imago Images | Editing: IPPEN.MEDIA

The 79-year-old received a corresponding invitation in the run-up to the funeral. He will perceive this, as Biden announced in a statement on Friday (September 9). “I don’t know the details yet, but I will travel there,” said the US President in a speech in Columbus, Ohio. Biden explained that he has not yet spoken to Elizabeth’s successor, King Charles III: “I know him, but I have not spoken to him on the phone.” The White House also confirmed this on Sunday. Biden will travel to Great Britain, it said in another statement.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London: Joe Biden receives an invitation

However, as the US broadcaster CNN reports, the first details are already known. The royal family issued a “special invitation only for the President and the First Lady”. According to the report, the US President should only travel with his wife Jill Biden, without a delegation.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden writing in a book of condolences at the British Embassy in Washington DC © Chris Kleponis / UPI Photo / Imago Images

The background to this was a lack of space at the funeral ceremony in London, it said. Around 2000 guests are expected according to consistent media reports.

Queen’s funeral: This is planned for Monday in London

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is scheduled for Monday (September 19) at 12 noon, Buckingham Palace said. It is set to take place at Westminister Abbey in London. A service will take place there, the palace said.

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The Queen’s coffin will then be taken to Windsor, where she will be buried alongside her late husband, Prince Philip. He passed away just last year. According to Buckingham Palace, after September 19, the Queen will be mourned for a total of seven days in Great Britain. The flags at royal castles and estates should fly at half-mast for that long. The royal standard should be an exception to this if the king is present.

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